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Oh my gosh!! Finally someone who knows what I am talking about!!
First the symptoms:
The pain in my arms is a constant. I can't sleep because whichever side I sleep on, I wake up in the middle of the night with numbess and tingling. Have to try to sleep on my back but that is sooo hard. Also, my pillow is never right. If I keep both pillows under my neck it causes my neck to be too elevated, thus causing lots of pain in my neck and shoulders. But if my pillow is too low, it offers no support and I'm in the same boat as before!! My pain is constant.....everyday! Seems like it hits me in the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, wrists, hands, and the burning is intolerable!! Also, (not to get too gross) my bowel movements are crazy! My stomach bloats and I end up looking like I'm 6 months pregnant because my bowels just shut down. I try, but nothing happens. This happens for about 3-4 days and then I will have diarrhea! Nuts!!!

MRI Results

Findings: Mild loss of the normal cervical lordosis. C5-6 disk space is mildly narrowed.

At C3-4 and C4-5 minimal annular bulging without canal or faminal stenosis.

At C5-6, small diffuse disk osteophyte complex 3mm in AP diameter indents the sac without canal stenosis. Sac AP diameter is 10mm. The ventral surface of the cord is slightly deformed adjacent to the disk, although there is CSF between the disk and cord. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing.

At C5-6 there is a small diffuse disk osteophyte complex indenting the sac and mildly narrowing the foramina, without central canal stenosis. The ventral surface of the cord is slightly deformed at this level, although CSF surrounds the cord. Elsewhere, there are more mild degenerative changes.

What are your thoughts? And if anyone else could contribute, I would greatly appreciate it. Is this in need of surgery?

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