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Of course I can't diagnose you, but it the pain & symptoms you describe certainly can be from a problem/compression in the cervical spine. I've been getting similar symptoms for several years. I finally had my cervical spine x-ray'd and MRI'd in October. Sure enough, I have cervical stenosis from C2 thru C7 (all levels in between at varying degrees) and a massive disc herniation at C5/C6 that's herniated in almost all directions and is impinging my spinal cord. My symptoms have consisted, though not necessarily always at the same time or same areas: severe pains in fingers on both hands (usually the middle 3), sometimes wakes me up at night; pain that shoots down both upper arms - sometimes along the back of the arm other times more in the bicep side of the arm. Mild to severe shoulder pain, usually worse on the right; Complete numbness of both arms; I have found that I need to keep my head tilted forward, especially while sleeping, to help prevent the numb arms. If I cough hard or sneeze.. I get large "Nails" across my entire upper torso - back and chest. Normally this would be described as "pins and needles", but mine feel much larger than pins, it feels more like nails. I will also get these sensations in my upper arms as if someone was squeezing both insides of my arms. I get shocks on the back of my neck; and severe muscle spasms, so much so that the spasms have completely changed the shape of my neck over a few years. My neck is now completely straight when it's supposed to be curved. Yah...and the Rheumatologist I WAS seeing kept insinuating Fibromyalgia, even though he knew of my severe low back problems & stenosis. But he had thing at a time. But anyway, I have confirmed nerve and cord compression and suffer all these symptoms. So it's very possibe you could also have compression. Of course the only way to find out is to see a doctor and get some x-rays and MRI's done for starters.

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