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[QUOTE=feelbad;4189806]what you are referring to cali are called the 'dermatomes"? and they do corellate with the actual spinal nerves that pop out at each level of the discs and vertebrae directly from the cord. anything that actually innervates the arm down thru the fingers is actually in the brachial plexus up from around c 5 down thru(the latter ones, since some do just stop right before that hand) to T 1 levels. there is also one nerve up there that does not actually have a disc or vertebrae but most definitely also innervates down to the last two fingers and that is the c 8 nerve or the ulnar nerve? but the dermatomes are only the sensory innervation and not always the underlying muscle? those would be the myotomes. they both kind of need to be looked at together to really pinpoint down any level of real innervation for both(sensory and the correlating muscle too) levels.

P>S>, you said you had an MRI done? do you have a copy of the rad report that has the results actually in it? depending upon who read those films and what an actual specialist would see in the actual films themselves who just has a ton more overall knowldge really IS much more of the best overall 'read" you can get. what any espescially ER doc actually 'feels' is a finding/problem when THEY read thru only the report made by the rad, really is totally dependant on 'their' overall knowledge and experience with any given finding that would lead them to tell you that evertything is 'fine' when it may not be? your own primary actually should have at least a copy of that MRI report at this point or you can also get your ER records from the actual hosp you were treated at too? but seeing what was actually in that summary at the very end of that report is what would indicate if ANYTHING was actually 'found' by that interpretting rad who just read your hardfilms.

was the ONLY MRI you had done the one they did at the hospital or was it done after that? just having the symptoms that you are right now, something most definitely IS at least intermittently impacting nerve at least on that L side? an EMG as someone else suggested may help to better pinpoint that nerve impact wherever it is being impacted. that can be anywhere from the c spine on down that arm actually, but i would say in your situation here the more likely would just BE that c spine area. and depending upon just how old that previous MRI actually is and if it was done without a good contrasting agent that just helps alot to better highlight certain findings that cannot always be seen without it, it should probably be done again? mostly becasue of the numbness and tingling you have. whatever is going on in that c spine level appears to be progressing in certain ways. but knowing just how long ago that initial MRI was done and the with or without a good contrat would help here in knowing. alot can actually change in only six months time in some instances. its just the progressive nature of many different types of possible spinal issues.

it really also appears that your muscles up there are all into the 'guarding" of whatever the problem actually is in there. its just whenever there has been injury or a constant source of inflammation in espescially that highly innervated and muscular area of our neck/c spine areas, the muscles keep getting signals firing out from that injury area that makes them overly tighten around the area to kind of 'protect it? once you obtain another MRI here hopefully and ID any possible nerve/spinal issues there, there is a really great therepy that actually releases all the overly tightened up muscles? its called myofascial release? i have very severe muscle damage from c spine surgeries and another that was done into my spinal cord too? believe me,my muscles were sooo overly tight for soo long i could not even turn my neck. this therepy was started on me two years ago and its done wonders for my ongoing c spine mess. mine is constantly generating crappy nerve signals, thats why i have had to keep this therepy up. but for someone in your situation, it could seriouly help soo much with alot of what causes the bigger overall pain in muscle? the trigger point areas which are wads of too tightened tissue and muscle that you can actually feel under the skin? i am sure if you felt around you just DO have them up there with what you described here. the TPs are in most cases the very "base" of the radiating type of pain i am sure you have there too?

one thing you need to also keep in mind here when even having an injury or even a whiplash type of injury up in that c spine area is how horribly bad and wayyy overly tight the muscle gets over time if its not released? it does get worse and worse with time, and very easily can actually start spreading out to other close by muscle groupe too? the muscles themselves in alot of cases can also do to nerves the exact same thing that an actual nerve impingement from like a herniated disc can do too? the muscles just get THAT overly tight where they start to actually impinge nerves too. just something you kind of need to be aware of here?

you mentioned you are going to PT? i would seriously ask that therepist if they know of a really good myofascial release therepist you could see. they really are amazing in what they can do for some very serious muscle hell. mine was seriously bad for like five years til i met my really amazing myo therepist. i actually have dropped pain levels at least four points just IN the really bad neck area along with regaining almost full complete range of motion back now ONLY with the myofascial release therepy. it really has been a true godsend for what i was dealing with and i DO think it would be ideal for all of what you described with YOUR heavily involved muscle mess up there too? its that fascia that simply covers every single muscle, organ and blood vessel we have in our bodies that IS what thins out around the muscle then overly tightens itself around it? so releasing that outter fascia makes the most sense in actually releasing that? it just works, that all i know. this is just something i would seriously start doing and looking for a good myofascial release therepist. they are amazing in what they just can do for even the worst muscle damage you can imagine. this therepy would release all of what is just getting way too overly tightened up there right now. believe me hon, if this can help me with what levels i had and just have popping back in again, it WILL help you. that much i DO know. its just how this therepy actually works that is the bigger part of the relief with release of the muscles being held hostage up in that whole upper back area and neck you have there. i WOULD at least give this a good solid try right now. i do hope you try this hon, its just THAT needed for what you have at this point that can even become worse without the muscles/fascia just being released. please let us know how you are doing, K? FB[/QUOTE]


Thank you for posting your wealth of knowledge!!! A little about me... I was hit with vertigo over two years ago and have been left with a dizzy head and eyes.

Subsequently from dealing with my dizzy head.. all the muscles in the base of my skull and shoulders feel tight and inflamed. Feel not look inflamed! I have been using ice and moist heat, gentle stretching excercises, massage and am trying acupuncture as we speak with no luck so far.

I also have very tender trigger points at the base of my skull, neck and trapezius muscles that i have been working on myself after buying a trigger point book and receiving trigger point massage by a massage therapist.

My question for you is you recommended a myofascial release therapist??? Do you mean trigger point massage therapist?? WHo are they normally affiliated with? Do these therapist do any manipulation or chiro work? The reason i ask is because i googled it and it seems when the title pops ups they are affiliated with a chirpractor or are the chiropractor.

So is the person you see a trigger point massage therapist or something else. what kinds of treatments do they offer so when i call i can determine that they are what i am looking for.

I appreciate your guidance and thanks again for sharing.. LIsa

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