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Hi - apologies for not posting for a while, but have been severely depressed with the ongoing problems with my neck! I have had to pay for copies of my mri scans (things are different in the UK) and would really like some help and advice from anyone who might feel able to help me understand more what is going on with my neck. I feel like my consultant is not explaining all to me and am due to go back to see them in a couple of weeks, so any help to understand the medical terms would be greatly appreciated.!!!!
MRI from December 2008 - "mild degree of cerebellar tonsillar herniation. Cervical cord apears normal. There is a degenerative retrolisthesis at c5/6 level with a resultant indentation on the anterior aspect of the theca without any cord compression or cord signal change. Neurocentral joint arthritis particularly on the right side at c5/6 is also present. Moderate degree of foraminal encroachment bilaterally as a result of these changes, this appears more obvious on the right. Facet joint arthritis is also present.

MRI from October 2009 - "retrolisthesis of c5 against c6 vertebral body with circumferential disc bulging abutting the spinal cord and causing mild flattening particularly of the left and central aspect of the spinal cord. Moderate narrowing of the right and moderate to marked narrowing of the left intervertebral foramen. At c5/6 circumferential disc bulging leading to mild narrowing of the left intervertebral foramen. The c6/7 foraminal narrowing on the left seems to have slightly increased.
Opinion - c5/6 subluxation with cord abutment and deformity and particularly left sided foraminal narrowing. C6/7 disc degeneration and minor foraminal narrowing. Posterior osteophyte formation.

Feel a little confused as on the second mri there is no mention of the cerebellar tonsillar herniation - what is this? Also cord abutment and deformity - what is this?

Any help would be welcome and sorry for the length of this post!! :confused:

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