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In pain, I did not think it would be this bad. My surgeon said everything went well and that I am experiencing normal post op pain. I wanted to know how long will I have this feeling like there is something in my throat when i swallow. Every time I swallow i wince in pain. I am on Percocet now and Flexeril, and some type of stool softner. I miss the Morphine, I had no pain as long as i was getting that, but knew I could not stay on that forever. I am using ice packs and the Percocet and flexeril. My surgeon said I will feel much better in 10 days time, and that i can drive in a week. I feel a little bit better than the 1 st day post op. I hope i feel better with each passing day. I was worried cause my gag reflex did not come back right away.. one nurse said i didn't have it. the other said as long as she stuck the tongue depresser back of my throat and I felt it , that i had the gag reflex back. This in one operation I would not want to go through again. ESTELLA

I feel for you..

I had C5-C6, C6-C7 it was about Nov 2006 that I had the surgery.
From what I can remember..yes it was horrible to recooperate regarding the pain, but it WILL get better.

I think it is great that the doc said you can drive in 10days time !!
My doc didnt want me to for about 3 months!!

Believe me, just listen to your doc, you will heal. For me that surgery was a blessing!!
I was loosing sense in my left arm, it would go dead on me. Now TOTAL USE!!!

I am having some issue, but it seems to be above the fusion not directly in the fusion.

Hang in there, again LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR. It is very important and make sure you do your Physical Theropy afterwards!! That too is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Hey Estella, I had the same surgery Dec. 23 09 and it took me almost a month before I felt I could eat anything I wanted. If you're like me, you'll still have food catch in your throat. Large pills and peanut butter was the worse. Be sure and chew your food good and be alert, because it will happen. As far as the sucess of my surgery, that's still questionable, but it's still early yet. I have just today started getting the feeling back in my left arm and that's enough to excite the heck out me!!!
Hi Estella,
The memories are fresh for me (same surgery on Jan 14th). I am coming along slowly but steadily. I had purchased several sore throat products like cepacol spray and such. The ones that numb the tissues. I didn't find them very helpful and I think that was because the issue for me was swelling rather than tissue damage. I went thru 3 big boxes of popsicles. The cold soothed better than anything else. I bought sugar free ones. I also froze grapes. Gosh they are delicious and the frozenness was key. I also froze bananas (yes, I am a fruit lover). The extra fiber also helps with the constipation from pain meds.
I think I was about average in that my sore throat was a big issue for about 5-6 days and then it rapidly resolved. Most of my pain after that was in my neck and the spasms were the worst. I am still taking robaxin as a muscle relaxer. Thinking of you. SQ
just wondering if you had any hardware placed like a plate and screws to better hold the area in place to fuse? are you currently wearing a c collar, the hard type? honestly, driving that soon after this type of a surgery just really is not a good idea for alot of real solid reasons. i am kind of suprised he even told you that was actually okay? knowing whether or not you actually have a good solid c collar would help.

depending upon how the actual intubation process itself went when they actually placed that tube, can kind of ditate the throat misery level too since they can scrape things up down there since that tissue is very very thin and delicate, so it will take some time to heal. anything cold is always a good thing. it not only helps with the throat but can also help in some cases with swelling even beyond just the throat too? this whole healing thing just takes some time and adjustments along the way. i would just really seriously reconsider any real driving for a few more weeks yet? you just tend to move your neck much much more than you think you do when driving. and any sudden or the "automatic" types of turns of your head that we just "do' when we are driving that you normally do not even think about before its done can seriously mess up what WAS starting to actually fuse? too many unpredictables out there for someone healing from fusion to really be driving before you have a good setting fusion going on? its one of those better safe than sorry things? if you absolutely do not 'have to" drive, i would seriously hold off a bit longer than what he told you. i do also hope that your surgeon is one that very strongly believes in using a good solid c collar post op. you just really do need that level of good solid and aligned support always, in order for the endplates to remain in the right posistion so they CAN attatch at all and fuse together? that collar is exactly like a good 'splint' that just keeps everything where it needs to be without allowing too much movement either. they DO really suck, but having to undergo another surgery like i did when i did not fuse and have that plate and screws attached REALLY sucked alot. ya just try like heck and do whatever you need to NOW so you can get this all overwith and hopefully get back to where you should be sooner vs later. i hope things are getting better for you now. good luck, marcia.
I have not driven,but the papers said i could in 1 week, I have been turning my head left to right now and then, and he wants me to do gentle stretching so things dont get tight. He did not recommend use of a collar, he wanted neck muscles to strengthen. Im not sure what is going on with my throat be when i swallow it feels like something is there. I ate apple pie and a thin burger today on bun, but chewed it up really good before swallowing. My big fear is choking. I have more neck pain now than before the surgery, it hurts so bad i am in tears. I take all the medicine as ordered. I called the dr. office and they said all these things are completely normal and will lessen with time. My body is adjusting to the new neck they say. I had no idea it would be this painful. The hardware i have is titanium plates and screws, a cage i beleive he said. Estella

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