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This time started out slow, at first was not even sure, slight numbness on pads of fingers. Then started to feel a cool feeling on back of left arm & hand. I then told my PCP that I think you should send me back to see my spine doc. He did, but it took four months to get in. In that time the slight cool feeling has become a burning sensation and the whole arm and shoulder ache and has weakness. Neck pain now that radiates down shoulder blade and up back of skull, sometime screaming pain. Doing anything aggravates the neck pain. Now back of right arm has cool sensation and aches occasionally. And when right is acting up quite a bit of pain between shoulder blades. I have so far seen a PA (just figured that out today, thought he was a young doc in training due to his age) who set me up for the CT/Myelogram and has prescribed Gabapentin, in ever increasing dosages. The Gabapentin he prescribed does seem to dull the worst of the pain, but I still hurt. (guess that is why the ever increasing doseages) (but still the arthritis in my knees, hands and most other joints still ache, especially at night. What a joke on me, hands are numb, but the joints still ache a lot. :-)
The next appointment, in just over a month will include the original doctor. (hallelujah, I like her a lot, she knows her stuff and tells it like it is, no wishy washy crap.)
Oh, ya, forgot to include middle to little toes are numb most of the time as well as some of the feet. And yes, I have fallen, but I CAN get up. :-)
I expect at that time I will be able to get some answers. I am quite worried about the long term now considering some of the verbiage in the report. It looks to me like I need surgery now and from what little I understand of the report can only expect my bones to continue to fall apart. So I am worried as how many times can they cut me before the results are not worth the effort?

I have to laugh, crying does not do any good, I saw a rheumatologist about my joint pain, the knees & hands get so bad at times I can hardly walk or use my fingers, just before the numbness became constant and all I got out of her was I was getting older, no sh*t. She kept on and on about gout, but when my left wrist acts up the only thing that seems to help is apply pressure to the wrist, which rules out normal gout, which she said. But she does want me to contact her when that wrist acts up again so she can try to fit me in so she can then stick a needle into the wrist to run test. (COLD COLD day in hell before I let her stick a needle in a wrist that is already in excruciating pain, and I told her that and she still wants me to call)(I HATE needles, a phobia that is only getting worse as I age)(The Myelogram was not fun, good thing they strap you down, ha ha, I laugh now, at the time is was in a panic)


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