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I am 2 weeks into recovery and i thought i was doing better but the last few mornings i have been waking up in pain, the pain comes from the left back side of my neck, into the trapezius muscle, into the left shoulder and bicep. The right side of my body is good. I have been trying the stretches that the physical therapist showed me, but it does not seem to be helping. I am wondering if this is just normal post op stuff that will go away in time, or am i stuck with this? Jenna :eek:
I had ACDF C5-7 done about 4 my case, I had a good deal of post-op pain til about week 5 or 6..i think it's pretty much normal to have some's just different from person to person.
Good Luck & Good Healing!
You may be having some residual muscle spasms. Are you on an anti-inflammatory or a muscle relaxant? I remember having some problems for a few weeks post op.
2 weeks post op from same surgery here. Well, to be exact,19 days post-op and I am waking with horrible shoulder blade pain in the mornings but seems the pain eases as the day goes on. I am still using my heating pad which is in my recliner. It seems to really help the pain. I am still on painkillers as well but feel like soon I will not need them near as much.
I'm 20 days or almost 3 weeks tomorrow. My shoulder pain is mosty in the evenings, mornings are good. My left arm down to my hand is still asleep, with the exception of my pinky and ring finger. Doc says nerve inflammation is causing this? Its been that way since surgery and is worse than pre surgery. Any one else have this? I am slowly going off the muscle relaxer and pain pill. Good luck fellow Feb surgeries.
Hey, has any one attempted to drive yet? I'm just wondering......
My doctor would not let me drive for 4 weeks post ACDF but I had a manual transmission. I would not push myself to drive if you are still experiencing numbness and pain.
I had my surgery 2 days ago. I already drove 2blocks to my kids bus stop, than I got brave (or stupid ) and drove about a quarter mile to the pharmacy. I'll stick to the 2 blocks for a while. My discharge sheet said not to drive for the first 24 hours.

QUOTE=charleyblitz;4192838]Hey, has any one attempted to drive yet? I'm just wondering......[/QUOTE]

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