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Hi All,

A bit of my background:

BIO: Apr 2008 - was cracking my neck then sudden onset of head pressure, balance issues, strange head sensations, seizure like + common anxiety symp. (brain fog - dizziness), blood work, MRI brain, CT brain all clear, CT neck found retrolisthesis of c4/c5 – Dr’s say retrolisthesis shouldn’t cause any of this. (also that night I took some ec stacy pills which I regret, but new neurologist doesn’t think that that is the cause) - please dont judge me based on this comment, i was never a "junkie" it was something that i did randomoly about twice a year, which i deeply regret.

Oct 2008 - Managed to get rid of the anxiety, head pressure gone, brain fog gone, neck pressure remains, slight balance issues remain

Apr - 2009 - Orthodics fitted to correct pronation of feet (most likely caused from neck pressure sending mixed up signals to my body causing pronation), balance improved significantly

June - 2009 - Placed on biofeedback program (to eliminate "anxiety" that neurologist suggests), passed, I am not anxious

Current - still have base of skull pressure and a constant tremor through body almost like a small Parkinson’s or a small essential tremor, also weird sensation when i turn my head left to right like i can feel the back of my head/neck muscles move, hard to detect whether the pressure is muscle, nerve, spinal cord related.

Have minor visual stuff like patterns for example thin lines together like a stripy shirt my vision seems to cross the pattern over kind of like the patterns are jumping out at me, also floaters and little dots in vision etc. (this is nothing compared to the base of skull presure.

If I could get rid of one problem its definitely the base of skull pressure/pulling feeling I get. Gets so bad that I feel like a human elastic band because I makes me feel wobbly when I walk.

I can definitely say its muscle/connective tissue related, either my sub occipital muscles have been twisted so that they are constantly tight or something has happened that now my body is trying to keep correcting its self therefore straining muscles in my neck / base of skull.

I’ve been cleared for CSF leaks (I’ve had 2 blood patches and a myelogram). Ive lived with this for 2 yrs and I can definitely say its some sort of deep muscle in my neck (base of skull) or a connective muscle that runs down my spinal cord up into the base of my skull that’s causing all of this. Another possibility is also the tremor through my body is somehow related to all of this, my body/muscles are in this constant tremor or spasm which is then causing a symptom of pressure/pulling in base of skull.

Does anyone experience anything similar? could this be tethered cord syndrome? i used to have really bad flat feet and i have slight scoliosis also.

Appreciate any feedback.


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