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i am having some issues post surgery, and i do not know if they are normal, about 5 to 7 days home from surgery i was awakening in the mornings and not able to straighten or raise, lift my left arm without excruciating pain, my family doctor thought it might be bursitis. The pain radiated from the back of the left side of my neck, to the back of scapula into the shoulder, bicep area. The a couple days later the pain radiated into my forearm and fingertips, mostly the left thumb, index and middle finger, and I get what feels like electric shock sensations with movements of the left arm. My family doctor know believes is a nerve compression or maybe nerve inflamation problem, because of these symptoms. I had a repeat MRI at the ER and everything looked in place and normal of the c-spine according to the doctor, but he diagnosed me with cervical radiculopathy and said it may still be a nerve thing. My family doctor said that because of where the pain is radiating that it would be that C6 nerve. I am wonder if this is all nerve inflammation that will go away with time?? Or is there a compression or that nerve somewhere in my body. How can my MRI show my C spine normal but yet im having the C6 nerve symptoms. The mornings i find to be the worse. Yes my neck is irritated where the incison is and stuff, yes it feels rough a little a little and like something is there in my throat, but i feel it is small potatos compared to this left neck, arm, scapula, shoulder, bicep, formarm, hand, fingers, pain. Prior to surgery i had a moderate amount of pain, about a 5 or so on the left and right side and it radiate just to the bicep area, and i was controlling it with ibuprofen and heat, sometimes i took an ultram as well. Now I have days when the pain level is a 10 or beyond, and I am taking flexeril, percocet, valium (cause i was getting only 3 hours of sleep at night), an anti inflmmatory like a prednison. Those meds were not touching the pain and i was put on a stronger anti inflammatory called Dexamethasone, and a pain medicine called Hydromorphone HCL (generic for Dialudid) That or Morphine was the only thing giving me any pain relief. I was to the ER at leat 4 times in the last 3 weeks since the surgery, in tears, in pain. At the ER they injected me with the Dialudid, and I would get relief with that, but only temporary, a few hours maybe. I am hopeing that this is normal pain to be having, but i am not sure, and i dont know why it is taking me these really strong pain meds to get any relief. The med are also wreacking havoc on my stomache, and they prescribed me something for that. I am having serious regrets about ever having this surgery, but with the osteophyte formation at that disc and it causing cord displacement, I was led to believe this was the way to go. 95% chance of being back pain free the surgeon said, and that it was better to have the surgery now at 40 then 10 years down the road, when there may be other health issues. The surgeon said I would also feel "wonderful" by day 10 post-op. I felt nowhere near wonderful at 10 days post op, and still dont 3 weeks post-op. I am afraid I will never be myself again, that i will never be able to work out again, run, or do aerobics. My quality of life right now is extremely bad, and it is leading me into a state of depression. My hands, incidently went from always being cold (prior to the surgery) to being hot since the surgery. Please respond if you could offer any insight into this, or had similiar experience. Estella :(

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