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Hi! Three weeks isn't that long, sometimes people wait for 2 months so consider yourself lucky! I saw your post in the other thread to so I am going to combine my answer. So sorry you had an automobile accident. It kind of sounds a little like you have a whiplash type injury. Where your head yanked and that is probably how you got the disc bulge protrusions. Because you don't have bone spurs which would indicate an older injury - it does appear this came from the accident.

There is a ligament that runs the length of our spine that helps hold everything in place - they are saying there is no injury there! Central canal is the middle where the spinal cord runs.

Tingling and numbess are quite common when you have anyting touching/rubbing against the spinal cord. That is what is happening to you. The disc bulge is compressing your cord ("mass effect"), but it does not say to what degree or measurement. Even very tiny rubbing or compression can cause symtpoms. The 6th nerve root could cause sensory loss or tingling on the lateral surface of the left arm and/or weakness of flexing at the elbow.
Ventral is just where on the cord on the anterior side - toward front side I think is how to describe it.

I see you have kids. The best thing to do is try to rest as much as possible, let them help you if they are old enough. Don't lift, try not to bend with your head down. Sometimes those bulges shrink back off the structures. See what the neurologist tells you. The good news is it appears like no disc fragment leaked out and into that ligament which is not good and usually needs surgery. Post when you get more info.
Thank you for the reply . My concern is the nerve root 6 - I have severe tingling on the left side of my body mainly hands, fingers, legs and feet. How large does the mass have to be in order to have complete sensory loss? I also have severe tingling in my right hand and leg & just now noticed my right hand was a little puffy. why is this? What do I need to be watching out for? Should I be back in er requesting another MRI? I took about 600 mg of ibuprophin that does not seem to help. I'am also taking flexiral. My fam phy recommended physical therapy- should I be moving so soon? With all of this going on.
I personally would not go to PT until I saw the neuro. The PT is motivated to get you in there to have a patient to treat but your MRI has not been reviewed by the specialist to even say they want you to have the PT. I would not go because family physician referred you to go. This is not just a simple muscle pull. Really! Wait until you see the expert!

You have something pressing (mass effect) on your spinal cord - personally if it were me, I wouldn't let anyone touch me without the neuro saying what they want done. My neuro personally ordered the type treatment they wanted which did not include lumbar stabilization, it was only light electrical stimulation treatments, ice, heat at the beginning. Truthfully I find that kind of crazy what the PT said. When it comes to the spine, I am [B]ultra [/B]careful and only want my care directed by the highest skilled medical professional. Plus your neuro may have a specific PT they use that is a specialist in spinal care.

Just take it easy - 3 weeks is not going to hurt you - where the wrong move could really hurt you long term.

There is no specific protocol for the ice heat/ just don't leave the ice on your skin longer than around 10-20 mins and don't put directly on your skin use, a cloth in between. Keep your head in neutral positions - no kinks or bending down with your head leaning down.

Stop trying to second guess yourself - these things take lots of time to heal. Get used to this idea. Nothing you do it going to speed it up, your body is going to work on it's own time. In 3 weeks you are not going to become totally deconditioned. and the best thing you can do it take care of that neck. Believe me, you want to work to try to prevent long term problems. Instead use your energy to get your neuro appointment moved up, ask the scheduler to put you on wait list for cancellations - they happen all the time.

Listen to your instincts they are correct. Take care!!!
Hello - I sense your frustration, but here is what I would do based on my own experience. First, you are in pain - so that means to me your body is telling you to slow down - there is nothing wrong with you hanging back until you see the neurologist. Your symptoms can even increase from something as simple as a weather change, sleeping wrong, riding in a car, pretty much anything! This is the life we have, when our bodies have these things we are going to have symptoms. You don't seem to have the big red flag signs so just try to be patient. The Mobic wasn't even in your system long enough one way or the other to cause symptoms to get worse - so it is probably something more simple than that.

Who cares if the doctor says "resume your activities" obviously something is hurting - so don't. We patients sometimes need to be our own advocate to get to the bottom of our issues. There is no rush to see a [B]neurosurgeon [/B]either because your case will most likely be treated conservatively like they do with almost everyone - except in extreme emergency - which doesn't look like to our laymen eyes to be an emergency. If the neurologist wants you to see a neurosurgeon they will arrange it and lots of the time they work in same practices together.

Please do report back what the neurologist's opinion is - let me tell you like I said in the beginning, an ounce of prevention is worth it, even the smallest bulges may cause symptoms and problems in some people depending on their anatomy, and for sure when you have the words "mass effect" on your report, it shouldn't just be dismissed by a primary care doctor and make sure it gets either dismissed as nothing by an expert in the spine or determined to be important. There are so many excellent primary care doctors out there, but I can tell you there are really some that are not good too. So I like to always ensure I have expert people making decisions on my difficult issues.

Let me warn you that sometimes a radiologist will read and report on a MRI and when the specialist looks them over they may agree, or disagree with the findings. Or even sometimes find things that were not seen by the radiologist. Or you may have a set of troubling symptoms that don't even match the xrays/mri. They do not treat the "MRI" they treat the patient and they need to look at all your clinical symptoms and the pictures and go from there.

PS: (not sure how ortho came in this picture - I think you are jumping all over the place and really need to get a good diagnosis and plan before you start doing all that, which means going tomorrow and getting the opinion of the neurologist and then proceeding from there. Just because other people on here go to neurosurgeon or orthopedic does not mean for you to begin making all these appointments. You do not have a firm diagnosis from an expert - which will come tomorrow.).

For questions just ask what does the report mean - have them explain what is going on in your neck, are your symptoms related to what is going on in there, what is the treatment plan for you. How can they get your pain under control.

Good luck tomorrow.

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