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Hello All,

I am new to this forum, but not at all new to neck and back issues. I have had a movement disorder for 16 years, & I believe it is slowly causing problems throughout my spine. I am in severe pain daily (And nightly). I recently went to a new pain clinic, and the PM dr. requested a cervical MRI to start an action plan. However, he never explained what my results of the c-spine MRI meant. He essentially said the pain could be due to my muscles or my spine.

If anyone has knowledge of the issues listed, can you tell me if they could be causing my neck pain & migraines. Are these findings significant, or basically normal? The person who read the results put nothing in the IMPRESSION section but : Degenerative changes as above.

I would appreciate any input to increase my understanding.

Thanks, Lisa
C2-3: Normal.

C3-4: Small broad-based central and bilateral paracentral disc
protrusion with subtle flattening of the thecal sac and cord. No

C4-5: Small broad-based central and bilateral paracentral disc
protrusion. Flattening of thecal sac and cord. AP sac
approximately 9 mm.

C5-6: Minimal diffuse annular bulge/spur with slight flattening
of the thecal sac and cord. Mild left facet hypertrophy. No

C6-7: Small bulge/spur. Mild right foraminal narrowing due to
uncinate spur.

C7-T1: Normal.
Hello - it is possible your spine problems are causing the pain and migraines, is the pain you have down your arms or in your neck? C3 is known to contribute to headaches. There is quite a different feel from muscle type pain to true nerve or nervous system pain. Your MRI isn't too terrible, but it is also not problem free. I assume you understand the findings and are more interested in the symptoms you are having, if you describe them in better detail I am sure a few people will compare with you. It is "normal" as we age for the spine to have problems from wear and tear, the majority of people do not experience symptoms. The doctors start watching it more closely when we start having flattening of the cord. I will watch for further explanation from you.

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