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I am looking for help interpreting my MRI and what questions I should ask the neurologist on Friday. I have a lot of arm, chest and shoulder pain and weakness/clumsiness in my hands. The last 10 days, the pain has been much more intense with limited relief from muscle relaxers and pain killers. I received results from a cervical MRI and would like to know what it means and if I am being a whiny baby. By the way, I am a healthy, active 51 year old female. Here is what it says:

At C4-5 there is a small broad based posterior osteophyte disc complex with left uncovertebral spurring. This produces no significant canal narrowing but mild left neural foramen narrowing.

At C5-6 there is a broad based posterior osteophyte disc complex with bilateral uncovertebral spurring. This constellation of findings produce at least moderate canal narrowing and severe bilateral neural foramen narrowing.

At C6-7 there is a broad based posterior osteophyte disc complex with a pronounced left paracentral component and left uncovertebral spurring. These findings produce moderate to severe canal narrowing and significant left neural foramen narrowing.

Multilevel degenerative disc disease and uncovertebral spurring most notable at the C5-6 level and C6-7 level where there is canal narrowing and neural foramen narrowing. There is loss of the normal cervical lordosis.

Is this something that epidural injections may take care of? Is the loss of cervical lordosis something that is congenital or occurs over time?
Most of this report indicates more problems on the left, but I have more pain on my right and limited sensation with my right hand.

Sure would appreciate some advice.

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