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I am 2 months post op and it still feels like i swallowed a golf ball, a terrible annoying feeling, not painful, but something i hope i don't have to live with forever, and if i do i should have been told about this. On top of that feeling i have a cold. My surgeon guaranteed me it will pass. Im waiting. I also have some pain going from my left side of neck into left arm and hand, despite going to physical therapy for 6 or 7 weeks now. Estella
The feeling like their is something there in my throat went away for me, finally. I still have neck and back pain though and pain going down my left arm and into left hand/fingers. They recently did an EMG and a post op MRI on me so i will find out the results soon. It feels like something is jazzed up somewhere on the left. My right side feels okay. To me this operation was like trading one type of pain for another. Estella

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