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Thank you Marica for replying and appreciate the info!!

Today I had a follow up with my pain doctor for my 3rd injection which did not work. He actually gave me a referral to see a neurosurgeon because he said surgery would be considered unless I wanted to live with the pain. I asked him directly about the "cord contact" and he said -yes that is why you are having the symptoms along with the nerve contact. (I guess that is what the encroaching part means?) I can only assume that they don't let you know about the "reality" of it until getting through the conservative stuff but that is really wrong because like you say the chiro can do one wrong adjustment and make it worse. Why do the chiro's downplay it? It really get's me.

My symptoms: Pain in the left side of my neck and the left part of my spine with burning at my left shoulder blade especially if I'm sitting, walking or on my feet working for long periods. When it get's really bad the pain locks up my neck. I also get numbness on the left side of my face and left fingers and tingling on the top part of my left hand that has been getting worse since the last injection which was in the facet joints. My neck gets into knots constantly and at night I wake up from the pain. I try to push them out with my thumb but they come right back. I also just got a clicking in the left part of my jaw that I think has something to do with the knots. When I breath sometimes I get tingling that goes from my chest down into my hands. Lately at times I've been feeling spacey when the pain get's bad.

I didn't see myelomalacia in the report. I guess I'm lucky because that sounds deadly. I hear what you are saying about the cord and I really appreciate your input!! I see the neurosurgeon on 13th of May to go over options for surgery. I hope it isn't a Friday! I'm not going to have any adjustments until after talking with the neurosurgeon either.

What happened with your experience with that if you don't mind me asking? Thanks!
Hi Marica Thanks for your your info! Appreciate it!! I can imagine what you mean by stuff hitting the fans. It is great that you take time to share your knowledge!!

I just got a BUN blood test done yesterday and go next Friday for the brain MRI. I don't get the Trigeminal Neuralgia because I don't get the extreme pain as is described from what I read online about it. I guess the MRI will say more about that. The numbness get's more pronounced when I'm sitting and starts on the left side in the middle scalp (almost like I can draw a line.) It goes down to my jaw and is going more into the eye area where as before it just stayed in the cheek area. I noticed that when I use my massager on my left shoulder area it becomes more pronounced. That's why I don't understand how it has nothing to do with my neck. Another thing he said is that I have a slight tremor. I also feel nauseous all of the time but doesn't interfere with eating and feel dizzy but not that I have to sit down or can't drive because of it.

What I meant about the pain being up is I get flair up's and not referring to any part of my body if that is what you were saying. On some day's I feel the pain is down and manageable with meds and then boom the extreme pain comes along sometimes from sitting or standing but in other times I don't know why. The tingling and numbness in my arms happen more when I'm driving and other times come and go. The shoulder/back pain is a constant ache but get's really bad in muscle tightness along with my neck getting lumps when that happens. The tightness in my legs I mentioned to the NS and with the leg reaction etc. he grouped that into with the nerve and cord except for the face numbness. Sometimes I get confused because I tend to listen to what someone says as well as how they say it and most doctors are so unemotional about it per say and downplay it.

I guess since the surgery is soon I'm rethinking I haven't given this enough time etc. even though I know the cord stuff isn't something to wait on. Is this normal for everyone who get's close to surgery who is reading this? My pre op is on the 19th and surgery on the 26th ? It's for a double C5-6 and C6-7 anterior diskectomy with fusion and plating using PEEK interbody graft and demineralized bone matrix. I'm a truck driver so this really concerns me if I can continue my career in that because I have a federal job.

Thank's for the advice on the collar Marcia. I will have to check into that. Will let everyone know what happens! Have a nice and hopefully less pain free day!

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