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while not seeing the myelomalacia is really a good thing at this point, it is NOT deadly. all it is when it does show up in an MRI like your situation with cord contact, it would mean that the real cord contact is very stong. strong enough to actually start a granualizing of the impacted neural tissue of the delicate cord tissue? its just what occers when cord contact does not allow the area to be bathed with the needed CSF among other things so it will start to kind of "die off' what was once good healthy cord tissue.

i had the myelo show up after my spinal cord surgery as its way of getting rid of what was bacically like "scar tissue' that was IN my cord? it will pop in and then after the tissue thats not 'good' granualizes to a certain point, our bodies little "clean up crew' called the macrophages just kind of swoop in and actually kind of eat it up and remove it from the cord area? really crazy stuff there.

my cord injuries were the result of being born with what was bascially a glob of venous fed blood vessles smack in the left lateral aspect of my cord at the c 8 nerve level? did not know i actually had this sucker til i herniated a disc in my c spine and had my very first ever MRI done on it that just showed it as an 'incidental finding' in there? i DO hate those incidental findings since i ahve had other strange things also pop up on other types of scans too. i have one insane body let me tell ya. but what i did not know was that this little glob which is actually called a cavernous hemangioma had actually bled in there too? by the time i finally got up to the U of MN and saw the head of NS up there(2 other seemingly knowledgable NSs i had seen prior had not seen enough of these things and gave me very conflicting info before this one),this thing was much much more impactful than the other two NSs had even known about at all? it was taking up a space of about 4x6x8 mms of my cord and according to this amazingly knowledgable NS who had well over thirty years of experience and had seen many hundreds of what i just happened to have told me it was an active bleeder and i was in all likleyhood going to have another bleed fairly soon. that one would have taken up the rest of what little remaining cordspace i had left and paralyzed me from around the upper chest on down if it was not removed soon.

since it was NOT in a favorable spot for resection, i had to make the absolute worst decision of my freaking life here. whether to have it removed and taking very definite hits to the nerves thatr ran to my legs and the nerves to my fine motor muscles in my hands. they were just in the way right between the cavernoma and the cord wall so thay had to be gone thru just to get to it at all? but if i did not go ahead and have this removed then, i was eventually going to end up in a wheeelchair with nothing but very large motor function actually left in my arms. i would be able to possibly hiug someone, but do nothing with my hands anymore? scarey,just scarey to have to decide that crap and then go ahead with it. but i did have the very very best of NSs i could have possibly had who had done this type of surgery on many many patients, so i at least knew i was in great hands there. that WAS something. i also knew pre op that i would definitely be going to some acute rehab facility post op too, just to try and regain what we already knew would be hit and somewhat lost, and anything else that may suffer collatteral damage that could not be avoided?

i did end up with a completely knocked out L leg that just crumbled when i went to even try to stand and put wieght on it at all that i DID manage to regain thru ALOT of hard work in acute rehab,but i also lost 8 fine motor muscles in my L hand too which is why my typing just looks so crappy now? some of those muscles did regain more nerve flow in just trying to constantly use them,so that was a good thing. and he managed to keep my R hand from getting ANY damage at all, so i AM thankful for that one let me tell ya.

the problem when anything at all actually damages our spinal cords in any way shape or form is that unlike the brain, where you CAN actually suffer some pretty profound injuries that if that are not in the more 'key' area, a person can go on to live a perfectly normal life with no losses of abilitys, with the cord not so much. it is not that forgiving since like every single teeny tiny mm area of neural tissue in it actually simply 'does something'. it governs something creates something trasfers ALL of our function messages too and from the periphery to and from the brain where it gets processed and sent back so a function can be performed in some way? every tiny little bit of cord just matters, some, in a much much more profound way. that is the biggest reason i told you that seeing that chiro with what you have as some level of real contact there would NOT be a good idea at all.

i know you posted this in the backboards too and jenny told you what she did as well? up in that c spine, there is just not alot of room with everything that is up in that very narrow space that just can be affected in some way with anything that can really impact that c spine that could cause you further injury. jenny has been thru alot more with her crappy stuff than i have but we both have spinal cord injuries that just suck wayyy much more than i ever possibly could have imagined. it is something that no one would ever actually want to have happen to them or someone they love either. it can get pretty crazy after cord injury depending upon what actually becomes damaged too. i ended up with them also somehow hitting my sympathetic nervous system either IN the cord itself(at the outlet), or since that symp chain that starts right AT that c 8 level where my cav was then runs down along the outside of our spinal columns just was highly vulnerable, they hit it there? we really don't know but i did end up with one hell of a nasty pain syndrome from that hit called RSD? its in my R knee and has killer pain that does not respond to any level of even the strongest narcotics either.

the symp damage has actually created the worst part of some of my injury symptoms overall. it just governs sooo much of our body system functions? one thing i would really like to know here,and this would kind of tell as far as impact to your cord goes,just how much real compression may be going on there too? when they hit the area right below your kneecap with that tiny hammer? what do your lower legs do in response to it? is it what would be considered a 'normal, slight type of 'bounce out", or a rather abrupt or "brisk" type of quicker response? this really is a rather important question and answer. you can try doing this yourself by simply using the heavy handle end of like a butter knife and just tapping that area directly beneath that knee cap? let mew know exactly what your response is in each leg if you could?

seeing an NS for the eval consult will tell you much much more about exactly how impacted your cord truely is? the more in depth type of hands on neuro eval they do using very very specific types of testing can actually tell them even without looking at an MRI just how impacted that cord actually is. they just 'know' what the right tests are and what normal and abnormal responses are. but you DO need that eval right now just to find out what IS impacting what. if you are actually having any symptoms in your legs, it can easily be stemming from some level of cord impact, OR you could also have another issue down in the lumbar area too like i do. anything is just possible when it comes to our CNS and the spinal cords specifically. but the nerve root youhave compromised IS doing what they normally do when impacted like your is. and that too just needs to be released as well.

i gotta stop now my fingers are doin their happy dance here. i hope this helped some. please let me know how things are going dwayne. i do wish you luck. just please stay away from that chiro til you know exactly what you are dealing with and what that NS also tells you. i just would NOT take any chances or real risks with what you actually have there. believe me, things can always become much worse than they are. marcia

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