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Hi Tamter,

I had a two level fusion in January 2008. I was released to go back to work in April 2008. My last appointments xray showed my neuro that the fusion was successfully healed and the surrounding bones were healty.

About 2 weeks ago, first pain in shoulder, next day tingling, burning uncomfortable numbing in my left arm. Called my primary next day and saw him same day. He did the routine tests and scheduled a nerve assessment. He listened intently to my symtoms as he did initially 2 years ago. Next day I had same in right arm. He ordered an MRI. Findings were a bulge at c3 and c7-t1. Nerve test found no significant damage. About 2 days ago, I began having lower back pain at the tail bone. Also neck pain is now involved. I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday - he doesn't think I need surgery at this point and took several neck xrays in his office. He listened to my symtoms and is scheduling a pain specialist to come to his office to give me an injection to "calm the inflamation". Also, he is scheduling an MRI on my back - I've never had that before.

I have experienced some vision blurring, forgetting words, my typing is horrible, I'm having trouble writting after the first few minutes. And I feel a popping in my neck and also my back. Also, while lying or sitting, it feels like I am having muscle spasms in my right leg. They aren't painful, just strange feeling. I also have some tingling in my feet occassionally. I'm sure I'll be finding out more as things progress in this process.

I feel for you having to go to a new doctor. I like that my neurosurgeon knows my history, and took extremely good care of me in 2008. I also am very happy that my primary dr. moved quickly and referred me to the neuro who got me in within 24 hours.
I am calmer after seeing my neuro yesterday. At least the ball is rolling.

Hope everything works out for you.

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