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I posted questions on this many places and have received no answers at all. I think it is because nobody has dealt with this? I have 30 years back problems, surgery for herniated disk 10 years ago, most recent MRI with contrast showed 2 bulging disks L 1 and L 2-3, above where I had surgery, one is pinching a nerve. Had epidural injection, symptoms moved from one side to the other back and forth a few times. I thought I was doing better, but foot drop BOTH legs came on within minutes yesterday out of the blue while I was just standing. I could barely walk at all, went to ER, had NO reflex right foot at all, left a tiny bit, I was given steroids for the inflammation that doc found still in my low back, and a walker, and told to see my pm doc tomorrow. Does anybody know what the treatment for this is and what caused it? I am a little better today, but now LEFT leg is turned out and foot is tingling, the exact opposite side of the pinched nerve.

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