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I have a lot of trouble trying to get to sleep, and when I finally do, I wake up often Because of itching in my neck, shoulder and head and a dull pain in my right shoulder and neck. It is hard to get comfortable in bed as I can not find a position to sleep in that does not cause discomfort. I do believe the itching is caused by compression of the spinal nerve in my neck. 20 years ago, I was told by an orthopaedic surgeon that one of the cervicle disks was collapsed and I needed to have surgury on it. The pain went away, so I never had it done. The pain returned about a year ago, along with the itching, and now I find I have three vertebrae that need to be repaired and the pain and itching get worse every day. I have had austio-arthritis since I was 12 years old and it has done a lot of damage over the years. A lamenectomy in 1970, total knee in 2000, with the other knee needing to be replaced, and now this.
I only take aspirin occasionaly, when the dull ache in my shoulder gets real bad. Other than the itching and stiffness and slight ache in my neck and shoulders I do not have unbearable pain unless I do any labor that requires using my arms, neck or shoulders. I probably will not have surgery untill it Gets to the point that the pain will not go away. If I take it easy and watch what I do I can avoid most of the pain, but not the itching. I have read comments from people who have had this surgery, and overall I am not to enthused about having it done. The results seem to be about 50/50 with
patients who have had the procedure done. Some are better off after the operation and others are much worse off than before. Not very encouraging. Beside the fear of ending up a paraplegic, The pain from the bone graft site, sore throat, and sleeping in a recliner for 6-8 weeks is something to consider.

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