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Yes that I do understand but there's a difference between a herniation and a full break or severe damage to the spinal cord itself where it has been torn as opposed to slightly impinged. It may also depend on the location of an impingement and or how large a herniation may be. Of course there are other factors and or conditions that may apply.

More often than not in general herniation's, smaller ones of the cervical, it generally does not affect the lower limbs. It is still wise to get the lumbar checked as there could be problems as well there.

When I originally had my first surgery I never even knew I had neck problems, my neck simply did not hurt. I knew my lumbar was herniated and have scoliosis of the tailbone area (shaped like a letter J) and thoracic spine but it was weird, my neck simply did not hurt.

The pain was extreme and was in my shoulder, biceps and fingers. It was so bad my ortho did emergency shoulder surgery thinking I tore my rotator cuff again. I didn't and he couldn't figure it out until I complained more and more after being put in a sling.

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