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Another ACDF?!
Jun 2, 2010
Some of the "older" members may recall I have many health issues and have been through many major surgeries not all related to the spine.

I did have 2 fusions, one in '03 and one in '08. In '04 I was rearended by another car while at a dead stop waiting to turn into my driveway on a busy street which broke some hardware and did permanent nerve and muscle damage and caused a new herniation which led to the '08 surgery.

Over the last few months I've had pain outside of my regular daily neck pain such as severe migraines, shoulder pain and burning and numbness in my right hand. I had an MRI a few weeks ago that revealed 2 herniations at c3/c4 and one very small one at C/7 - T/1 (isn't there a c8) the report read. I also have narrowing of the spinal cord and impingement.

My herniation's are not large 3mm or so. I saw my neurosurgeon today and he is ordering a full CT to check for stability of my neck and other things. His next step is then surgery.

I am so upset. I keep herniating upward. I know it's not uncommon for a second ACDF but a third? I worry would there be a 4th? When does it stop? Is there anything that he can do to help prevent them? Part of the problem is my cartilage is not normal due to a genetic disorder so I do have problems in all joints and he suggested it's most likely the repeated herniation's are due to EDS.

Has anyone had a 3rd ACDF? For those who had a second was your first set of hardware removed? He removed mine because of the broken screws however another neurosurgeon I had seen seemed quite upset he even removed them. It confused me.

I'm pretty frustrated at this point.

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