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Hello to everyone

I had ACDF(cage and artificial bone growth with screws, soft collar only) 18 days ago.

Is it common to get any new sharp pains in areas you had nothing in before?

I have a sharp pain under my back side shoulder blade. My original pain was under my left back should blade. It is not constant but seems to take place with small random movements.

Examples would be reaching out to simply open the shades or getting in and out of bed, sometimes walking. When I get it the pain is a 10 for a few seconds.

I am thinking I should ask the doctor to do an X-Ray now just to make sure nothing has moved with the hardware. Not scheduled for my follow-up for another 3.5 weeks.

Is this stuff common and did it resolve for you?

Thank you,
PS: I am pretty much off of my pain meds.
Correction to my typo above: I use to have dull pains under my left shoulder blade, now I have sharp pains under my right shoulder blade.
i am 4 months post acdf of c5, c6. I had problems ever since a few days postop. My whole left arm had a pulling sensation to it, it felt like it was being stretched or pulled. Now recently the stabbing pain between my shoulder blades that i had before the operation is back along with alot of pain at my left shoulder blader, it hurts to even touch it, and i have pain that radiates down my left arm, from my shoulder,intor my forearm, where it hurts like heck, into my hand causing numbness and tingling in the left thumb, index finger, and middle finger. My left hand has a tremor to it now at times. It hurts to reach out, extend my arm, but that has lessened. It hurts to rotate my arm backwards and certain movements cause alot of pain. I can not raise my left hand to shoulder height and keep it there for three minutes. This whole operation was a flop for me, although the doctor calls it a success. ESTELLA
Hi Estella

Sorry to hear you are having so much pain post op. Have you had another MRI to see what is going on?

I have to wonder if you have some other problems that have come on(other disc issues)...With myself I have been thinking this new pain might be coming from my C6-7 disc(the level below my ACDF). C6-7 has a small bulge to it pre-op, so I wonder if the new pressure from C5 being totally removed is causing my new issues.

Pretty scared about it all, plus no one seems to be answering this post other then you... :(

HI Sean....It's not that no one is answering you but I know I answered you on a different thread when you were 11 days post-op....I think another regular here did too.

You are still way too early to know if you have another problem and it's still a case of internal swelling that is most likely your problem. Think about it this get swelling from the surgery...they cut and screwed and did all sorts of stuff in a very small area...and then when you get up and start moving around, gravity acts on the swelling and some of that fluid moves downward and ''bingo" now have swelling in a lower area making you feel like you have additional problems below your fusion. Make sense?

It took me a full 3 YEARS to recover from my last cervical spine surgery...yes...years. Nerve damage can take a long time to heal and if you talk to a stroke survivor, it can take them even longer. Brain/nerves heal very, very slowly that it was thought that they didn't heal but now it is known that they can.....sometimes.

Hang in there......................Jenny
Hi Jennybyc

Thank you again for answering...I am trying to get some more comments, other people who have also had this take place after ACDF and then recovered from it. Not too many takers so far.

Estella, I am just curious, how are you doing now? I had this same surgery 2 weeks ago and I feel the same type of pain you did (or still do) I'm not sure what to do. I can't take any anti-inflamitories so I am taking the percocet but it really is just masking the real pain.
It is a really sharp pain just along the side of my spine going towards my left shoulder blade. Still getting numbness in left arm. I am so disappointed. Am I concerned too soon? Should I give it more time?
Yes I worry about my other disc level too, my c6-c7 has bulging and osteophyte formation at that level as well. The surgeon said it wasnt bad enough to fuse when i had the c5 c6 done. Estella

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