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Thanks for answering the question Jenny. I am just confused as to why i have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, radial tunnel, tennis elbow (lateral epincondylitis) and now cubital tunnel, all after this ACDF surgery. I I had a feeling as if my whole left arm was being stretched or pulled since a couple days after that surgery.
The one doctor i went to, mentioned that it could be thoracic outlet syndrome with a nerve entapment at my clavicle (brachial plexus) along with the entrapment at my wrist, and the other areas of my arm. That would make sense to me, with the symptoms i am having. When i mentioned this to my neurosergeon, he said no i dont have thoracic outlet syndrome that there would be other evidence , and i would have other symptoms. I see an orthopedic surgeon Friday, I am going to ask if he can order an MRI of my brachial plexus and see what he says. Does anyone know if an entrapment at the brachial plexus / clavicle shows up on an emg? estella

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