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Jenny- Marcia - came back from the ns today. Even though I'm only 8 weeks post op from surgery - since I called his office and mentioned I was having pain when looking down and worried about pt that he did order - the office called me back and scheduled me for an MRI & flexion x- rays - I completed those a few days ago I will get the exact read tomorrow and post for you - but basically this is what he said - he did notice that the vertebre separated more than usual - but when in flexion it did not move - so that he said was good news & if it's not causing me any pain then that's good as well - he noted a little ddd at the level below my fusion - yet nothing to be concerned about - he wants me to hold off on the pt for the next 4 weeks & will re-evaluate at the 12
week mark & start pt again at that time
- I'm a little worried because it does
hurt in the incision area near the c6c7
level --- can the spacing just remain
there and not cause any problems ? He
stated no herniation or protrusion at
that level - that is what he's watching u
would think - the heat wraps a great
idea picked them up today - should I
just be resting and not trying to
strengthen my muscles ? Because
they're still doing a little dance in my
back- also since I'm 8 weeks post op is it okay for me to take Ibuprophen for the swelling in my back ? Have you heard of anyone taking it 2 months after fusion ? I'm thinking if the swelling goes down the muscles will maybe stop
W/ the spasms ? & what sort of pain should I be watching for ? He said it would be disc pain not muscle pain - not sure of the difference lots of muscles in my back sometimes it's like a pinching and sometimes it's an ache - I checked the punching area & my husband stated that I was pointing to a muscle ??? Help
Spoke to my ns today & he said after 2 months it would be okay for me to take ibuprophen for my swelling. Now this kinda worries me. Because after my surgery he did state no anti inflammatory meds fir 6 months. I wonder if he's concerned about my level below the fusion c6c7. Maybe he does not want the inflammation to break or damage that vertebre that is spacing ? It's not moving in the flexion extension xray - yet he wanted me to stop pt because of it - should I call his office & double check - how is Jenny ? Marcia? Have not heard from them in a few days hoping they can help & respond as well --Marcia I read again one of your responses just a few back from this one & you had mentioned that my ligaments & muscles and everything is so tight and inflamed that it needs to be calmed down in order for that vertebre to drop back into place - so maybe he's thinking that getting rid if the inflammation w/ ibuprophen is mire Important at this point in time then the actual fusion ? He did stabilize me from the back & front si that puppy is not moving ? Let me know what u think ?
Marcia - I took 2 200 mg of ibuprophen yesterday and 2 209 mg of ibuprophen the day before - other then that - that's it - have not noticed any change what so ever in the puffiness - did I take to much already to make an impact on the fusion ? I know the hardware is stabilized from the front & the back - I just don't want anything to hurt that as well. I will stop taking the ibuprophen until I can speak w/ him after the holiday week on Tuesday. I just don't want my level below the fusion c6-c7 to be
impacted. I still can't lift a milk carton or a filled glass - he knocked me out if pt & wants me to take it easy for
the next 3 weeks - it does not hurt when look up and
down - but it does hurt when i attempt

to lift something

My ns did state that the surgery is not perfect. He was
not happy because of the tilt - tilting forward due to
slight kyphosis he believes. How long does it take to
recover? It's been almost 9 weeks - what should I be
watching for on the next level? It's not protruded or
herniated yet slight ddd - I am taking a muscle relaxer -
flexiral & I also have backlofen as well - yet have been
sticking w/ flexiral . Do you think I should still be
wearing my brace ? I told my ns that I put it on
sometimes in the evening when my neck gets heavy - he
said that's fine but try to get use to not! Hmm
If my vertebre is spaced at the c6c7 level but dies not move on flexion - what does that mean ? Is it the weight that's making that happen ? Or the muscles ? Have you heard of it going back into It's proper space ? & if I doesn't how will I know ? Only by x ray or will i feel it .. My little on keeps talking so I'm losing my train if thought -

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