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just what 'exactly' does your pain at that elbow really "feel like' to you? is it like deep and into the bone type feeling or is is more like a surfacey kind of "stinging' or burning going on or what? the more specific in the description and the actual 'areas" involved(or is this only 'the' elbow,inside(like the area where they would actually do any given blood draw on you?) the or outside and only in that 'crease" area there?

it is also a possible that you very easily just 'could' have like two totally different and unrelated issues going on there too sincve the fingers that would be innervated by that ulnar are NOT involved at all? but it does sound like 'something' is most definitely triggering what sounds like very high levels of real pain for you there too? this whole thing is really rather mind bobbling to say the least,ya know what i mean? things that should be there with certain nerves involved are not kinda thing?

i WOULD most defintiely see your surgeon again,ersp since whatever date for your surgery is still soo far off? ask abouyt THAT ELBOW stuff and just see if he can refer you for that EMG and see what he says? its just hard to really knwo for certain with only your description of that pain as to whether or not this is even being caused by some level of nerve affectation, ya know? esp without having ANY correlating finger symptoms(pinkie/ring?), it cannot be truely 'that' hugley impinged. it just kind of goes with the description of what is NOT being involved here?

it 'could' be an actual joint issue of some kind thos since just about ANY joint can develop certain types of more inflammatory types of symptoms? this too couild be the impact upon the c -67 depending upon the eact area where that dermatome ends within that area before it runs down to your fingers? i would have to double check the dermatome innervation tho. this is just a rreally "strange" type of screaming symptom that does NOT actually correlate to the finger innervation. but i am wondering, only becasue the sensory and the fine motor functions on any of the single c spine nerves with one on each side/level(the rest of our spinal blow the C actually has 'pairs" of nerves? one motor and one sensory while c spine only simply has one single 'multi' nerve on each sideand level that contain both motor and sensory components but NOT of the same nerve? there is alot of 'play' with that fine motor in each nerve.) so i would have to check THAT out too. but this really IS a strange one for me. just by possibly checking(if the NS even feels this actually IS even nerve generated pain)with that EMG from the fingers on UP theu that c spine level, it just may show the area where this nerve just 'could' be impacted at? the most likely would be c spine first, then any of the actual joint areas it runs thru til it gets to and innervates those last two fingers.

but getting the best POSSIBLE real in depth description of YOUR actual pain and the borders it has really seriously would help tons right now to just better define its possible source? this just could be something likie a really inflammed joint? believe me, when any given joint becomes really inflammed it can throw off insane levels of pain at times. does that elbow area even feel the least bit hotter than the rest of the arm does at all?

depending mostly upon just exactly what this pain is like for you and really how deep it is, like does it actually 'feel' pretty deep or more to the surface? does it actually radiate out or into anything else around it? anything IS a possible here as to the real underlying generator which just may NOT actually even BE related in any way to your actual spinal either? we DO tend to become somewhat 'tunnel visioned' when we simply KNOW without a doubt that any specific area IS having some type of real problems(esp when it is spinal), we do tend to seem to correlate everything and anything we may happen to feel that the area can simply affect directly to it even tho it may well be a totally unrelated type of problem? we are not the only ones who do this, trust me, many even really good "specialists" will do this as well. its just the way our brains work sometimes.

just finding out what the heck IS creating this pain in that elbow area would really really help YOU alot since it just does 'not' really appear' to be that ulnar nerve here? if it was actually impinged, even in that little ulnar crease, trust me, you WOULD be at least feeling anything from intermittant tinlges to outright dead numbness. this is exactly what happened to mine when my arm sling for my rotator cuff repair surgery had one tiny pice of material that kept pushing that stupid nerve right directly into the crease(usually in my sleep) and it SHOWED in some big ways til my ortho fixed my sling then padded it too for me. it just does NOT truely appear that the ulnar IS the thing behind your actual pain here but the location is simply a coincidental type of thing? this just could be the actual inner joint in some way or some other completely different type of medical issue too here? just sounds more logical given everything,ya know?

have you EVER actually had ANY real shoulder problems within that shoulder on that same side at all? i am thinking like a possible rotator issue that can impact that lower bicep area there too(just above that elbow with the upper tendons but lower rotator would impact a bit lower the with muscle and tendon)? but unfortuently WITH spinal, it can be kind of hard to even seperate certain symptoms since all c spine nerves at (i think?)5 and above? innervate thru that shoulder area too?

i just would have that NS take a good hard looksee at what is creating that level of real pain within the elbo when the lower fingers to the ulnar are simply NOT at all seemingly involved here? he would at least have a beter understanding of what 'could' create that,ya know? sorry i could not be of more help with that. hopefully this WILL get figured out well before the surgery. have they at least tried doing a basic set of x rays on that elbow joint simply to see the real underlying joint and bone itself? it would NOT show soft tissue but it would certainly see the underlying bone within that joint where certain problems can create pain and symptoms? just a thought for ya. marcia

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