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that particular area you are referring to is actually innervated by the c 8 or 'ulnar" nerve? its called the 'ulnar crease", "funny bone' area(its where that ulnar nerve goes on its way down to the hand/fingers?)? how were you actually made aware of what you have with that c 6-7 involved with nerve compression, did you have an EMG that showed some level of nerve compression or an MRI being done on the c spine? are you actually having ANY problems at all within any of your fingers with sensory affectation or fine motor problems at all?

honestly, if you have not yet had an MRI done on at least that c spine level to actually see for certain what possible areas are being impacted up there, it seriously needs some doing now. this would just better define exactly what IS creating compression or impingment problems for you from the c spine level, only becasue your pain is up THAT high above your elbow level at all that is also creating what sounds like pretty insane levels of pain too. getting an actual contrasted MRI really would possibly show much more than having an MRI without it being used. you can be referred by just your primary doc for this. but i WOULD get that c spine much more deeply looked into right now. it would "appear' here that you just really 'do" have to have "something" that IS impacting that c 8 nerve up there right now. while that c 8 does NOT actually have its own disc or vertebrae, it DOES have that c 8 nerve that also innervates the pinkie and only half of that ring finger that sits closest to the pinkie in our fingers? but you just really DO need to find out whats going on up in your c spine right now so any possible treatment options can be tried and pain managment with the very best and most appropriate meds can also be tried too.

has your doc tried to actually even treat this pain with anything at all yet? one very helpful thing that i have used for many years ever since damage to my ulnar and the T 1 nerves created a rather stingy hellish pain syndrome from spinal cord damge in that very same area(central pain syndrome) is lidocaine patches and the lido ointment for specific areas where i cannot fit the patch? these little wonders actually 'numb' that more outter layer pain that seriously is the ONLY thing that even comes close to actually even touching THAT level of pain at all. just something that any doc can actually rx for you. and these types of patches can also be cut so they can be made to fit in certain areas much better to get all the wierd spots? Marcia
Feelbad, that is very interesting about c8, maybe that's why I didn't find too much when googling c7 and elbow pain. I have had an MRI showing c6 and c7 root compression as well as spinal cord flattening but nothing was mentioned about the c8 on the report. I have all the typical c7 symptoms, wasted triceps, wrist weakness, and the list goes on. I am currently taking percocet at night which seems to help enough so that i can fall asleep. No one has ever mentioned the lidocaine patches or creams. I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the tip!

Jenny, that's it exactly! I have never felt pain like this elbow pain. I'm on the waitlist for surgery right now. The surgeon is hoping to get some extra OR time in September and slip me in there but I don't have a date yet. I was misdiagnosed for two years so he's hoping to help me sooner rather than later. I'm curious to see if they do send you for a thoracic MRI. If so, I'm really hoping everything is okay for you. It sounds like you've had a really rough time!

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