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Hi Busterbuddy,
Thanks for the reply. I am not allowed to take my pain medication at work, so many times by the time I get home the pain is very bad. And then it takes longer and more medication to get relief. Yesterday I had to close my door 3x and lay down to try to alleviate the spasms. When they get bad I literally have a hard time holding my neck upright. And I have to work - my husband died 9 years ago of cancer and it is just me and the dogs and the bills have to get paid :(. And my job includes a lot of int'l travel. Interestingly travel does not do too much irritation (probably because I am moving a lot and so busy I can't focus on the pain)

Your story is just horrible - I can't even imagine. How do you do it? And I have been told the pain was in my head - but for anther condition in my early 20's - and when I finally had surgery for it in my early 30's by a specialist at Georgetown they found I had a rare disease - one of the most painful conditions known. I think docs say that a lot because they have no clue what is wrong and it is easier to throw it back on you than admit they don't know. I am lucky in that my docs have been great - we have tried most medical interventions and I have tried alternative (some totally out there) on my own but nothing is working. They admit they are stumped and actually just suggested I might want to go to a good sports medicine doctor, which I probably will.

I am in pain all the time but I go thru periods when it is much worse. Something happened though this winter - with the cold and all the snow we got here in Baltimore it just cramped up and stayed that way for several months. Then it got much better in the spring (I think because of the heat) but the last month is back to being near unbearable and the constant pain is really getting me down. And like you said there is something new popping up each week. My lower back started to hurt this last winter. Now my shoulder is hurting on the INSIDE. So they sent me for more MRI's and that came with more bad news - they found a bulging disc above my surgery area, scar tissue, some degeneration in the facet joints next to the plate, now I have arthritis in my shoulder, the constant spasms are straightening out my spine AND they found 3 bulging disc in my lower back and one that is completely torn.

It is weird I have never heard of baclophen. I am definitely going to inquire about it with my PM doc. what are the side effects?

Mine was a car accident - on the hwy and a friend was driving. All of a sudden we flew forward and went into a spin at about 70mph. We crossed the fast lane and hit the concrete median head on, bounced off it and then was hit by a tractor trailer and slammed back into the median. All the hits were on my side :(. Miraculously we weren't killed. Turns out the car that hit us was doing about 110mph and clipped us in the rear passenger side as they were trying to weave thru traffic from the fast lane to the slow lane. It ended up being a hit and run and they never caught them :mad:. I cope by using medication and some herbal supplements, I have a home tems unit, I do meditation and pilates/yoga when I can. I used to be super active - white water rafting and bungee jumping, skiing, hiking - you name it. Now I do none of those things and probably never will again. Now I am lucky if I can mop my floor and not end up flat on my back for the next 24 hours. The soma and didaudid do not make me sleepy (and the dilaudid is not a high dose). But the flexeril will knock me out in 10 minutes so I use that at night. Also, I bought a temperpedic bed and that made a HUGE difference. I can finally sleep comfortably since it is like sleeping in a cloud and there is no resistance. My accident was in sept 06 and I have been dealing with it ever since. I am so happy to find this board - I had no idea how many people have the same symptoms as me - I thought I was a rare case but I see how many people have the spasms and it is alarming. I sort of wish I had not opted for surgery but I really had no choice and I was still worse off before surgery than I am now.

Sorry for the novel and thanks for sharing your story.

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