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hi kathy,
sorry to hear that - i know the feeling. i was invited to a last minute trip to the beach and left wednesday. altho that same day i woke up with a sharp pain in my abdomen. since then it has turned to a dull ache and will change to a a sharp pain depending on my movement. i just talked to my GP and she is sending me for a CT, blood work and xrays. so not sure what it is but i am a little scared it is my ovary (only one left) or my spleen (a fairly large benign cyst was found in it several years ago). or who knows - could be something else completely :confused:. this is really not what i need right now:(.

most of my pain is on my left side and i do have arm pain - tho not every day. sometimes my pain is down the outside but recently i have had pain on the inside and even feels like it is involving my armput. i think that happens when my upper chest muscles are involved and spasming.

my neck is weird. all of a sudden it will feel like it is 'stuck'. i have to physically move it to get it to 'unstick' - this is when i get the 'pop'. it is very unsettling - almost like something is popping out of the joint. i actually have pretty good mobility in my neck. i can turn it pretty well and get a good radius but not so much from side to side (ear to shoulder).

getting used to the baclophen could be tricky. when i am not traveling i am working at a desk all day so it woudl be hard to stay physical and honestly my desk work is pretty boring so i think staying awake may be hard. but if it will stop the spasming i am willing to do anything. this weekend i walked the whole boardwalk in ocean city and by the time i got back to the condo i was in a lot of pain. and i realized i can onkly drive about 3 hours now before the spasms and pain get to be too much. i am only 41 but am starting to feel like a decrepid 90 year old :(.

yes, both my dogs are super but cody is my boy - my first dog of my own. we have been thru so much together. i am not a good surfer - he actually did it on his own - just waited for the waves and body surfed in. my friends and family always say they are certain there is a human inside him lol. he has some athritis pain but other than that i think he is pain free (it is so hard to tell since they hide their pain so well). but he is back to being active and playing frisbee and swimming, etc. the treatment for him was expensive but i think it saved his life. if nothing else it gave us more time together than we woudl have had. so i am fine with the cost. i just hope he truly is cancer free.

hope you were feeling ok over the weekend and were able to enjoy the nice weather.

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