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I have four levels fused in my neck and am about 7 months out from my last (third) cervical surgery. The docs are just now focusing on my chronic lumbar pain. I have a pacemaker so cannot do MRI's. Yesterday, I had my 4th myelogram. Twice before, I've had to have blood patches. The good news is it looks like I've avoided needing another blood patch this time. The bad news is it was very painful - think they kept hitting nerves. I had neurogenic syncope twice yesterday during the procedure, that was relieved when the replaced me in a prone position. I started sweating all over - buckets; and got very sick to my stomack, and was in semi-passed out state. I think that if I hadn't had my pacemaker, I would have been out cold. It was the most painful myelogram I've ever had. This was for a second opinion (with a neurosurgeon). My orthopedic surgeon believes that I may need surgery for a [I]broad based central posterior disc protrusion[/I] [I]at L5-S1 and smaller bulge above it at L4[/I]. The ortho doc has me scheduled for a discogram in 6 days which is supposed to be more painful (purposefully) than the myelogram. But I am shell-shocked, so to speak and am very afraid. Is a discogram really necessary after a two CT's, x-rays, and a myelogram CT? I plan on calling the ortho Monday and B-E-G him not to require me do the discogram in order for him to fix my spine. I am also on a time-line and my better insurance policy expires the end of August. ANY feedback is VERY much appreciated! I've had 3 cervical surgeries (two anterior and one posterior) and somehow the surgeries seem much less scary than the discogram!!!!!!!! I am getting upset just thinking of going through it. :eek:

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