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I am in a horrible amount of pain down my arms. I work in the early childhood special education field. I have to sit behind little babies as they are being bounced on a therapy ball. When I hold my arms out and have the pressure of the child on my arms I feel so much pain that I feel like i'm going to drop them.

Here is what the results said:

C5-C6 intervertebral disc is decreased in height and with anterior endplates contacting each other, anteriorly directed osteophyte. A posterior left paracentral annular tear with a disc extrusion measuring approx 2-3 mm AP, 4-5 mm SI contacting and flattening the left ventrolateral surface of the cord with mild central canal narrowing. Left foraminal extension of disc bulge and osteophyte and uncinate process spurs with moderate bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. Mild bilateral facet joint.

1. Summary: Moderate C6-C5 and mild C3-C4, C4-C5 degenerative changes with a chronic left paracentral C5-C6 disc extrusion with foraminal stenosis, recommended clinical correlation for C6 Neural impingement.
2. Central canal stenosis: Asymmetric mild narrowing of C5-C6 central canal due to disc herniation as described without cord signal changes or cord compression.
3. Neural foraminal narrowing: Moderate bilateral C5-C6; and mild to moderate right C3-C4 neural forminal narrowing.
4. Facet joint arthrosis: Mild facet joint arthrosis at C5-C6 without significant inflammatory changes at any level.
5. Cord and vertebral bodies: Cervical cord demonstrates normal signal intensity without myelomalacia or a syrinx, no evidence of cord compression. no acute/subacute vertebral compression fracture or deformity. Craniovertebral junction is unremarkable.

I am being referred to a neurosurgen. My question is what does this mean? Is this serious or can it be treated by something.

I am in A LOT of pain/discomfort. Is this normal? If anyone else has had this much pain what kinda pain meds did you get if any.

I'm stressed


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