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Sammy I have to agree that it sounds like we do have a lot in common with our health problems. I had a bad weekend with both days having severe pain and not able to do anything but lay around. I get so discouraged when this happens. I was hoping to get some information soon that might give me some insight on what is going on.

Just received a call from the family physician's nurse and she said she had the results on the Thoracic MRI and that my doctor suggested I get some PT that might help. I then asked her what the results where and she mumbled some things but then said "Well, basically arthritis and that usually PT will help". I told her I was still waiting on the results from my myelogram so I would not make a decision at this time but would appreciate copies of all my tests. I think she was getting ready to deny that and I was prepared with my answer but then she said okay. I asked her if she had the other results back from the Cervical spine and she said "yes but I need to talk to the doctor about them first". She then called me back and said as far as the MRI on the Cervical Spine I needed to see the specialist about the results. I don't know much about this nurse but she sure doesn't know about me either. She said he would suggest you see this doctor and she named the doctor that has done all my surgeries. I told her that he IS my neurosurgeon and has done all my surgeries and I am waiting for the results on a myelogram that he had requested. She said " Well, I guess you have his number?". I told her that I would get back with them if I needed to but I had taken physical therapy before and in fact that is when this last problem showed up and that something must be wrong because I have never had this many problems and pain following any of my neck surgeries before. She would not tell me what the results were on the cervical MRI but I did request all copies of my reports to be sent to my house.

I am so annoyed right now because I feel like I am not getting all the information I should be getting. When I get the results I will let you all know for sure and hopefully I will hear something soon on the myelogram results. When I get these results I am going to fax all the reports from the CT Cervical, CT Thoracic and MRI of Cervical and MRI of the Thoracic spine to my neurosurgeon.
I don't know why my family doctor doesn't call me with the results instead of his nurse but unfortunately that is how all my doctors handle things now. This has nothing to do with my spine but I had also had an ultrasound done on my Thyroid and it was done on the same day of the MRI of Cervical spine but she wasn't giving me the results on that either so I asked her if she had the results and she said yes but I need to talk to the doctor and I will call you back. She did and said well you need to get a Nuclear Medicine Test and she said you can just call the hospital of your choice. I said "What do I ask for--a Nuclear Medicine test on my Thyroid?". She said no just ask for a Nuclear Medicine test. Anybody want to bet that the hospital will ask me what part of the body is the test for???

Sorry I am just discouraged right now. Maybe you will find out something sooner then I will. Hope you are doing better pain wise.

Gentle Hugs
This is so ironic. My daughter-in-law(who drives me nuts normally) was so exasperated this past weekend(moving into new house) about how dumb the nurses are she has to deal with. She has her MS in nursing and could have gone into a nurse practitioner job but was begged by the company she works for to go into management as they needed intelligent people in management. She was lamenting how many nurses seem to get their RN's and then go to work for a doc's office and forget everything they learned. She spends most of her time going from clinic to clinic run by her company teaching and re-training RN's who seem to have forgotten everything they learned. It seems these days it's...get the diploma and then don't worry about keeping up. Doc's offices don't demand they do the CEU's and stay certified. She sees nurses in doctor's offices as little more than high paid nursing assistants. And many are CNA's not RN's or even LPN's. And CNA's know crap. That is why I ask for copies of everything and I go to the office and pick up the copies myself. And my doc knows why.

Another thing that I did before was have a neurologist as the go between with the primary and my neurosurgeon. A neurologist doesn't operate and so has no financial incentive to lean one way or the other. Unfortunately, my wonderful neurologist moved and I've seen only 1 neuro since and he didn't like me so I gave up. My neurosurgeon is now pushing me so I asked SK84Life for an idea who is good in our area.

A neuro can be a good resource. They can order the scans you need and give you results and call the neurosurgeon as needed. I don't know about you but it can take months for me to get into my neurosurgeon.

Linda, it sure sounds suspicious that they want you to talk to the spine doc ASAP on the C-spine MRI. My vet's wife had a similar situation to yours and it was a non-fused fusion. And we just had someone on here who was going back in for a posterior fusion as the anterior didn't fuse properly. It's like having a broken hurts! Each time you rock on that break, it pulls the spinal nerves and that kills!

Get that Myelogram report and call that neurosurgeon ASAP and get some answers. Remember, I was the one who dislocated 5 vertebrae and broke 3 of my 4 bone grafts and 2 ER's sent me home without even an x-ray. The first gave me Valium and the second gave me MS Contin. My doc gets back from vacation and takes 2 x-rays and has a fit and rushes me into surgery to fuse 6 vertebrae, praying I wouldn't come out paralyzed. I am the most suspicious of all docs and medical personnel.

So get the reports, you know you can post and ask here and you know we will support you. Everyone thought I was exaggerating and instead, I was under reporting pain. You can not believe how upset I was to learn that I had walked round for 2 1/2 weeks with a broken and dislocated neck that could have killed me with one wrong step. I am now suspicious of everyone in the medical field and if they ask why...I tell them in no uncertain terms.

You know when things are getting worse. Trust your gut feeling and advocate for yourself. We are here to back you up.

gentle hugs............Jenny

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