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Hello FeelBad,

I guess you need to know I had a 3 level fusion lower back October '89 in San Antonio.
I'm not medically trained so without finding those older reports it's difficult for me to tell you exactly what my doctor said about that surgery.
I can tell you the fusions didn't heal completely after 3 years so the doctor did what he called a "salvage fusion" he put Richards Plates in with a battery stimulator left it for about a year then went back and took the plates, screws and battery out.

I've always had some trouble since with left lower back and left leg, but NOTHING like I have experienced since having neck surgery.

I don't have a copy of the recent radiology report but I will get that and let you know what that report actually says.
When I said I couldn't do ANYTHING, I guess I wasn't very specific!
The whole mess started with my left arm/hand seemingly asleep 100% of the time last May 2009.
At first, I sort of ignored the issue but things continued to get worse and by August the right arm and hand started to follow suit. I waited until late September, early October before seeking some help.

I didn't have the normal head aches, blurred vision, ect... associated with most neck problems or people I that know have had anyway.
I was involved in a vehicle roll over in December of '05. Between January '06 and September '09 I had a couple of occasions the large muscle under and around the left shoulder blade tightened up, tried chiropractic and massage therapy alternating days after two weeks of that with NO relief I went to an acupuncturist. WOW one visit and two days later NO pain in that shoulder.
About a year and a half went by it flared up again, took 3 visits to get relief the second time.
The crash of '05 happened in New Mexico. I was treated and released from the hospital with a broken collar bone (left) side and some other bumps, bruises and cuts. Nothing really showed up on any of the other test they ran with the exception of a touch of emphysema upper left lung.

After the first surgery in December, I didn't have balance, strength, dexterity couldn't hardly take a shower alone, too afraid I'd fall down and I did fall twice before the second surgery. I could walk but not without a cane, stick or walker for assistance.
Anyway, my symptoms described to the surgeon, left torso feels like it's wrapped with a heating pad 100% of the time, no sense of temperature AT ALL left torso, arm, hand, leg, foot. I can feel pressure like touch but not hurt like pinch or temperature cold or hot until it's way too late.
I've managed to bruise the hell out of left arm and don't remember hitting it on anything hard enough to bruise it that badly.
The dexterity is there, I just cant feel with my fingers and fine motor skills are lacking for sure. Can't tell where in space my arm and hand are so have to be looking directly at it to make the hand work somewhat correctly...

Neck and shoulders are very stiff but, seem to have good range of motion, just can't and don't want to move it abruptly in any direction!
I also lack a sense of balance, walking on uneven surface is all but impossible. The longer I'm up on my feet the worse the tingle in left foot and PAIN all the way across the lower back, my walk and giant are so thrown off because of the lack of strength in any one part of my body.
The strongest body part currently is the right arm and hand but it's only about 60% of what I had prior to either neck surgery.
Can't trust my left hand to hold on to ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING I pick I DROP if I try to hold something for any length of time with my left hand, IT WILL BE DROPPED!

At the moment I'm using my left index finger to help type this message.
That's the only finger I can feel pressure on the keys with.
I wasn't a speed typist before but now I can only hit any left side key needed to spell with the index finger. To say the least, typing now is very difficult and it takes me 2 to 3 time longer to type anything at all!

the first thing I noticed when I woke up from the first surgery was a feeling in my right arm like someone tried to chop off my hand just above the wrist with a dull axe. That feeling faded in the first several weeks but I can press my fingers on that spot and feel that same dull pain!

When I do sleep, I awake with both arms tingly, ever tried to button a pair of pants with both hands asleep, can't feel what either hand is doing. VERY FRUSTRATING:mad:
My right elbow feels like I have a bad case of tennis elbow at the moment.
I can pick up roughly 100 lbs as long as I stoop and use my legs to lift but I couldn't carry that much weight for any distance, if there is ANY reaching involved with ANY lifting you will count me COMPLETELY OUT!

I'm doing good if I can hold EITHER arm straight out with something as light as a toothbrush. ANY off center weight and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to help.

I can't stand completely still to hold a conversation with someone. I feel like I'm drunk wobbling around shifting body weight from one point to another.
I feel completely [COLOR="Red"]handicapped[/COLOR] :mad:

Difficult to get in or out of a vehicle, go to the grocery store (have trouble picking up something as light as a cantaloupe):mad:

I would call myself healthy, have never had any high blood pressure, cholesterol has never been an issue and haven't had any "real" health issues (other than the fore mentioned back surgery).
I'm 54 male, 5'8" -- 230 lb fire plug, strong and dumb as an ox, use to be "strong enough to move anything that got in the way" and nimble enough to get under a kitchen sink to replace a garbage disposal.

There is NO POSSIBLE way I could or would attempt a task like that today.
I'm lucky enough to be able to replace a light switch! Something as simple as changing that switch takes me 3 to 4 times longer than it use to. Excuse me while I fumble around and drop everything I touch. Oh yeah it takes me twice as long to bend to pick up the stuff I drop because my lower back muscles are so weak they almost can't pick up my own torso weight from a stooping or bent over position! I have to grab on to something to help myself to an up right stance. Then I am looking for the closest chair.

I'm rambling and not telling you any medical facts so, I'll wrap it up until I can give you some "MORE BETTER" facts.
Thanks for the reply, I'll get some more information for you soon!

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