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I have to undergo emergency decompression surgery and fusion at C6-C7 on Thurs. I started getting weakness in my legs and had trouble urinating for the last 4 months or so. I have fallen several times due to the weakness and recently went in for an MRI which showed spinal cord compression at C6-C7. I have sustained clonus in both ankles, a positive Babinsky sign, and a multitude of other problems. The neurosurgeon said if I had had a minor accident, I would be a quadriplegic right now. I am very scared and am on this board to talk with and relate to others who have had the same or similar problems as myself. Has anyone ever had these types of problems before? What can I expect after surgery? How long is recovery? What are the major risks and concerns? Any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.
I can relate to your concerns, since that's how I felt also when I was shown the MRI that revealed my rather severe spinal cord compression. I had a great surgeon, and he was able to stabilize everything from the front (ACDF) and my recovery was pretty smooth. I asked about outcomes and he said that in my case there was 80 % chance of things improving and only 2-3 % chance of things getting worse. It has been over two years now and I am still improving, since my leg weakness, etc. was not diagnosed for around 9 months. The first surgeon I went to was only looking at my lumbar spine. I finally deteriorated so much that he looked at my cervical and found the problem. By then I wanted a second opinion, and went with the second dr.
I too had fallen several times, etc. so I know how you feel. My balance is still improving, especially with physical therapy. You can recover from this. Praying for success.

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