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Hey Linda....I'm all posterior. Both cervical procedures. Including the C3 to T1 fusion.

Yes, it is harder as they have to cut muscles. A lot more pain and you feel pretty crappy for a good couple of months. 6-8 weeks in a hard collar but since you also have an anterior fusion, you might not need it that long. And the muscle spasms are a never ending problem(or so it seems).

But it is the preferred way to do a long fusion and I have been very happy with mine. Lost a lot of movement but can still drive and do just about everything I used to. It just takes a lot longer to recover. Muscles cells are the only cells that can take longer than nerve cells to re-grow.

Pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but as I said, the muscle spasms last a long time. But I'd rather be taking muscle relaxers than pain pills.

A good rear fusion really fixes the spine in place and you will find that your pain is gone but it takes a good couple of years to really have a full recovery. Long time but well worth it.

Let's put it this way....I take no pain meds and only an occasional muscle relaxer if I've overdone it(like picking up my 30 pound granddaughter off the floor). Not many people on these boards can say that. That is what a posterior fusion did for me. I'd say go for it but be prepared for a long recovery...but a good one.


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