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Hi all,

I just wanted to share my experience from Friday with my myelogram diagnostic test. This test is somewhat like an epidural spine injection--if you've ever had one of those--but it is for taking x-rays and a CAT scan before lumbar spinal fusion.

Having had an epidural spine injection before with no problems or pain (also nor results, but that's another story), I thought the myelogram would be a piece of cake. NOT the case.

I want to preface this by saying that I had excellent nurses at the hospital and a very good doctor doing the procedure. The procedure itself was not that bad (considering that they are sticking a big needle into your spine!), but the preparation for the procedure and the recovery were not pleasant.

First, if you're going to have this done, make sure you know that you have to stop pretty much all medication 48 prior to the prodedure and cannot resume it for 24 hours after--this includes anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. I was having major withdrawls from my small doeses of these types of medications (cessation directed by my doctor) by the morning of the procedure, and I had even worse withdrawls (jittery, shaking, night terrors, insomnia) after the procedure.

You MUST STAY FLAT ON YOUR BACK for 24 hours after the procedure or you can get something called a "spinal headahce." So, make sure you have someone around to take care of you. I had this done early Friday morning and it's Sunday night now--I still don't feel like I could walk outside unassisted.

I was VERY sore after the procedure and still am 3 days later. Keep in mind that the pain you are having that is causing you to get the diagnostic myelogram will most likely get worse while you are recovering from the test.

I just though I would share this information. I'm not trying to scare anyone--I wish I'd known ahead of time how hard this test was going to be.

I;m really scared now how I'm going to feel after the spinal fusion!

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