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Hey everyone,

I found this site through googling facial numbness and spine compression. I was wondering if anyone here can relate to any of this, I'm currently stuck with a family doctor who thinks I'm just a hypochondriac. Basically what's going on, all of these symptoms are transient and come and go depending on physical activity/anxiety:

- Chronic pain between shoulder blades and lower back after walking or sitting for some time (I have very bad posture and have been trying to correct) Typically it is a sharp searing pain on the right side of my spine mid-back and neck.
- Small buzzing sensations when I bend my back / neck in lower parts of body, typically goes away with heat pads or a hot shower, or if rest for a little while. If I bend my neck over and over again it will get worse and my neck will end up being very painful. This also becomes more prevalent if I do crunches at the gym or if I lift a box the wrong way.
- Right hand spasms (occasional) when performing fine motor skill movements
- What feels like a general weakness in right hand (occasional)
- Small points of numbness on face, either left temple, above lip or under nose that come and go, re-appear with exercise

There have been a host of other small things but these are the major ones, primarily getting strange buzzing points when I bend my neck and my back.

Any advice would be good, I'm not really sure what to do next about getting this checked out, if it means going to another doctor or a neurologist, etc :mad::confused:

Thank you!

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