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Is your current fusion from C3-C7 and are you fully fused that entire length with hardware? I have a C5-C7 ACDF and C6 has movement now so I have to have the ACDF re-done or instrumentation at the back of my neck. At the same time I have problems at C4 so I'll end up with a fusion from C4-C7.
You can have MRI with hardware. The only limitation is if you have hardware in the neck it can be a bit harder to get a clear MRI in the same area. I recently had a cervical MRI and it did provide some useful information regarding my neck. However simple flexion and extension x-rays (looking down and up) showed movement at C5-C6 which should be solidly fused.

I have no wires and never have. My C5-C7 ACDF in 2006 was done via screws and rods. My L4-S1 lumbar fusion in 1993 was screws and plates. This year they added L3, removed all the old hardware, and used screws and rods from L3-S1.

My Orthopedic Spine Surgeon hasn't yet said if he'll go in from the front and just re-do the ACDF adding C4, thus taking out C5-C7 hardware and putting in new from C4-C7. OR go in from the back of the neck.

I did have a consultation once with an NS, but personally I prefer Orthopedic Spine Surgeons.

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