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Jenny, You seem to know alot about back pain/surgery and healing time. Here is my situation.

I have stenosis and steroid shots worked great for 2 years then they didn't last as long. Cat scan showed herniated disc L4-L5.I have/had severe pain in my hip and down leg, and started to get drop foot.

On 8/12/2010 I had a microdiscectomy. The doctor told my wife that the disc left an imprint on my nerve but believes it will be completely healed.

I hear all this talk about how long to heal. So it is one month now and on steroid pills and Neurotin. It still feels like the same pain down my leg especially in my hip/butt.

Should I have no relief after a month? I try to walk but still have drop foot.

Your knowledge is welcome.

Thank you

[QUOTE=jennybyc;4326492]How many times have we all heard this and how many times have I said this same thing....give it time.

I know you don't feel like you can work and you may find that you have to take more time off but your doc just didn't find a reason to say no just now.

Spinal surgery takes a long time to heal. The spine has a memory and it remembers being hurt for a long time even after the problem is fixed. On average, it takes a good year for full healing with the procedures you had and 2 years for more major surgeries(I was fused from C3 to T1 and it was 2 years +).

You may not have physical reasons to not work but yes, you will be tired(anesthesia takes a year to completely clear your system) and you will continue to hurt for a while. Nerves themselves take 8-12 months to heal and even longer. Any cut muscles take 6-8 months to heal. Skin may heal fast but everything under the skin takes much longer and it hurts. And with nerves, they can start hurting to let you know they are back working again.

I don't think I've talked to anyone around here who didn't find it took a good year+ to stop hurting.

Sorry, but this is the reality and your doc should have told you this. If you can get more time off, then do so but if you are depending on him to sign for more time off, he might not. He would have to find a reason for it and if he thinks he did a good job on you, then he might not. You'd have an easier time asking your primary about more time off for fatigue due to 2 major surgeries this summer.

But don't expect the pain to end anytime will decline and then go up and bounce all over the place but eventually, it will subside. But not this quickly.

gentle hugs.............Jenny[/QUOTE]

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