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PLEASE HELP ME ...Hi, this is my first time on here. 3 1/2 yrs ago I was in a car accident. (I have a fear of cars now haha). I will run down my MRI results, maybe some of you can help me understand some of it.
C2-3: mld disc desiccation
C3-4: mild disck desiccation, minimul disc bulg
C4-5: mild disck desiccation,mild disc bulg
C6-7: severe disc desiccation loss of disc space height. Mild disc osteophyte complex formation, bilaterl uncovertebral joint disease mild degee but acting in concert with loss of disc space height producing moderate bilateral neural forminal encroachment. C-5 also demonstrates a small interosseous hemangioma posteriorly
C6-7: mild disc desiccation, small central herniated nucleus pulposus
T1-2: minimal disc bulg
T3-4-5: moderate disc desiccation
T-6: moderate disc desiccation, small rt paracentral herniated nucleus pulposus
T6-7: large left paracentral herniated nucleaus pulposus, produces flattening of left anterior aspect of thecal sac. Resultant mild stenosis, moderate disc desiccationj
T7-8: moderate left paracentral herniated nucleus pulposus producing flattning of left anterior aspect of thecal sac and mild disc sdesiccation
T8-9: moderate disc desiccation
T9-10-11: mild
L5-S1: mild disc, small central herniated nucleous pulpous, joint hypertropic change, mild stenosis, mild bilateralneural foraminal encroachment, synovial cyst extending off anterior aspect of facet joint on the left at L4-5
L3-4: mild facet joint hypertropic change
Okay questions haha..desiccation means?? Kinda sounds like the word for rotting animals doesnt it?? I have NO IDEA what all this means. Al I know is I hurt!!
So I have had epidurals, nerve blocks in neck and back. Also tried that nerve implant in my back..hated it and had removed.
Two weeks ago I had RFTC, nerve burn at C2-3. I get horiable headaches and constant pain there. WEll since the burn I cant believe how much it hurts. I cant sleep, turn my head, touch hair at bottom of scalp. It hurts to put head on a pillow. Has anyone done this and how long will this go on??
My medications I am on are :75 mcg fetanyl patch every 2 days, and 10mg of Hydrocodone/apap 4 per day. I will be honest and say I have been taking the hydrocodone every 3-4 hrs since this burn..I just cant stop the pain
My normal day to day symptoms are pain, headaches, tingling in arms, pain down rt leg, constant back aches, sleeplessness.
Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to make all this better and also to really explain it to me.
Thankyou so much,

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