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Jenny and Resale Lady: Hi I haven't been on here for years. I am going to try and make this as quick as possible. I live in Chronic Pain and have for over 11 years. 7 years ago I had an Anterior Fusion on C5/6 6/7 with Titanium plates and 6 screws. The headache that I had at that time for 3 or more years solid and terrible neck and arm pain never went away. When I woke up after surgery the headache was still there and so was the neck pain. I kept on going back to my Neurosurgeon and after approx 1 year he finally took x-rays and told me that at 6/7 I never fused. He called me and said "hey what is wrong with you, you never healed" He called my husband and I in for a consulation and told me over the phone that he wanted to take out the rods and screws that he had put in and put and new one in and this time take a bone out of my own hip instead of using donor bones like he did the first time. In doing a myelogram also he thought maybe that C3/4 was also getting bad so he talked about extending up also!!!!! I was so upset but there was hope because I was in so much pain!!!
We went for the consultation and we took my 23 year old son (at the time) and he asked a few questions (which I guess he didn't like) and he kicked us out of his office. He said "take your x-rays and get out right now and said that I was not a patient of his anymore" and that was it!!! I was so upset. He gave me a name of another top neurosurgeon who I had an appt. with the next day anyway because I was getting a 2nd opinion because the pain was still so bad. I went to the appt. the next morning and the neurosurgeon told me that he couldn't do anything for me!!!! Why did the neurosurgeon that had operated on me tell me that my fusion had failed and actually said that the 2nd donor bonor had "disintegrated" and that I wasn't fused and then the other neurosurgeon said he couldn't help me!!!!
I was so discouraged (remember this was 7 years ago) that I have never gone back to a surgeon since then. I have gone to everything possible and am not going to list what I have done because I would be on here forever but the last things I did was for years went to a pain clinic and had the same thing as one of you ladies did, had the nerves burnt under radiography several times over the years in different areas. It worked for awhile and eventually grew back, had every different kind of steroid injections, cortizone injections, etc. and lastly I went to to a chiropractor (2) different ones for years for adjustments, they said my whole spine was dislocated, one said my hips were turning, one said sculiosis, etc. and instead of 24 times on the large "decompression machine" I had 39 treatments and gave up. Now as the time after that has gone by I am feeling even worse if that is possible!!!! So I decided to go to an "Orthopedic Surgeon" and give it another try!!!! I took every x-ray I had, told him everything I have tried, gave him a list of all of my many many medications etc. etc. He took x-rays before he called me in to his office and looked over my files. He looked at them and said, "you are not fused"!!! Oh yes I have such a story I forgot to tell you, they say I have "Fibromyalgia"!!!! Well I don't know if I believe that either. I think my neck pain, shoulder pain, head pain and arm pain is all coming from my neck!!!
Anyway he told me exactly what the Neurosurgeon that did my surgery 7 years ago told me and here I sit. He sent me for another MRI and Cat Scan and will tell me what he wants to do for me when I see him on Tuesday night!!! He says for what I have been through and what medications I have been on and with my "Fibromyalgia" that he probably can't help me. He thinks if he does surgery I might become "crippled" and that is not the right word but I can't get the proper word out right now. I said I couldn't be any worse and he said "oh believe me you could"!!! My whole point to this is "Have I been suffering unneccessarily for all of these years and given up because he made me feel like an "ass" and everyone else has made me feel like a "hypochondraic". The pain management doctor and the chiropractor say I have bone spurs, arthritus and narrowings discs. and that is what is causing the pain and they can't help me. I am so sorry for writing this book but I had to vent. What do you think about my story. Is there anyone else out there that has the same or similiar story!!! I feel bad for anyone in "chronic pain"!!!
It is so difficult because your family and friends do not understand and until they live in your body they never will understand.
Sorry everyone for this long post.
Take care.....Lyn AngelinMichigan

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