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Via an x-ray I just found out my neck is not fully fused after my 2006 C5-C7 ACDF. C6 is the area that didn't fuse and I have new problems at C4. Luckily I found a new Orthopedic Spine Surgeon last year who is not afraid to take on failed fusions, etc. He already worked on my lumbar spine in February 2010 and my neck may be next within the next 6 months.
Jennybyc....Where have you been...I have been waiting and waiting for you to answer me. I tried on another board to find you and am so glad that you found me. I went to my orthopaedic surgeon today and just got back about 1/2hr ago. I am sooo upset I don't know what to do!!!! I went by myself which was a big mistake because know nobody will believe what the doctor told me. Anyway he had the results of my MRI, and CatScan from last week. He definitely told me that my C6/7 never fused. The report says the C6-C7 vertebral bodies are not fused and demonstrate with mild sclerosis and irregularities end plates consistent with pseudarthrosis. It may not sound like much but...this is what the surgeon told me 7 years ago when he kicked me out of his office. Before that he had told me to go to the Pain Clinic....I could kick myself because that is exactly what I did, I went for years to a pain clinic and a chiropractor and massage therapies, accupuncture etc. I had x-rays from the chiropractor who told me not to go to a medical doctor for this and the pain clinic told me I had bone spurs and arthritis and had my neck pictures up on a scope when he did my shots and nerve burnings. I have had headaches and occipital pain for years too and nobody could find anything. One of these reports also says "Moderate" degenerative changes are seen at the "Odontoid process and arch of the C1 Junction" I am not a doctor but wouldn't that mean that there is a problem there also??? I was told there were problems with the above and below years ago also and this report says C4-C5 demonstrates a small right paracentral disc protrusion with mild flattening of the thecal sac. Also the report says that there is an anterior osteophyte projecting from the vertebral body of C4. also anteriolisthesis of C3 and C4 by 3mm. All of this might see minimal but I have been in Chronic Pain and went to the orthosurgeon today and he knows the story after 7 years and he went through these 3 reports with me and said that it is too bad that I didn't come to him 4 years or so ago that he could have helped me better then!!! Because he had confirmed several things that could have definitely been causing my pain all of these years I am sensitive and the tears start falling. He said he could operate and take a bone graph from my hip and I am pretty sure he said he could go in from the front again and clean everything up but....because I was so anxious (I am sure because I was upset and crying because he confirmed why I "MIGHT" be in pain (DO YOU THINK, duhhhh) OK I got upset, he said that he couldn't operate on me now because I was in such a bad state that the operation would never work because basically my brain and my body would never let me heal!!!! What the heck is that all about....He wants me to go and see somebody first that can """heal my mind and body""", so he thinks I am crazy or something, crap.....this is such real pain. I give up....I don't know what to do!!!! He said he could operate on me and not care whether I get out of pain or not but he wants me to get better!!! I asked him if I should get a second opinion and he said sure!!! I got copies of my C-spine x-rays, CatScan and MRI and my reports....I am again not knowing what to do...
What do you think about all of this. I am very confused!!!

Thanks Take care....Lyn....AngelinMichigan

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