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hello spinal cord disorders board members,

i frequented this board quite a bit last year due to a diagnosed herniated c5-c6 disc and multi-level DDD. i went on a detour down the MS path, complete with steroid infusion which nearly killed me, after a follow-up MRI in february showed a hyperintensity at c5-c6 which my neurologist felt was an MS lesion.

i have since had two follow-up 3T MRIs with contrast and two opinions from additional neurologists who do not feel that the MRI revealed a spinal cord lesion, and that what is showing up is a dilatation of the spinal column just below c5-c6 as a result of my herniation.

at any rate, i just got my hands on a copy of my latest MRI report from last week and have a question about the c5-c6 level description:

C5-C6: There is moderate loss of disc height. There is prominent posterior osteophytic bar and a broad annular disc bulge which results in impingement upon the central and right paracentral cord although this appears to be subtly milder in extent than seen on prior exam. There is complete obliteration of CSF anteriorly with near complete obliteration posteriorly. On sagittal imaging cord deformity is noted. Associated uncinate and facet hypertrophy results in moderate to moderately severe right neural foraminal stenosis with left neural foramen widely patent.

can anyone tell me what "obliteration" means in this context?

i go see my new neurologist tomorrow to go over the rest of the very lengthy report, but she indicated to me over the phone that she will refer me to a neurosurgeon again to discuss ACDF.

best wishes to one and all,

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