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Hi Everyone...Ill try to make this as short as I can.. LOONG pain history here..headaches..neck/shoulder pain (main debilitaters).
I am currently being treated for TMJ, what they "think " is the cause if my headaches.
My head hurts...yes but it seems the excruciating neck pain is the hardest tpo live with. I have tried chiros.
About 2 yrs ago I had a cervical MRI, it showed "slight" disc bulging...yet in the Neuros opinion, nothing operable, yet he also did not suggest anything else for me..kinda a "come back if it gets worse" thing..which was WHY I was there in the 1st's sheeeeesh question..or maybe asking advice is this.
If my pain has worsened in my neck since this time, yet every dr I see keeps referring back to the MRI taken 2 yrsa ago....can a bulged disc slowly protrude more. I have the most poor guidance from Drs here...its very disheartening. You know how people say that :they KNOW" their bodies?..I just cant help but think that my pain is coming from very my cord level...its a deep burning contanst pain...
Since I dont have much of the arm numbness etc, they seem to want to dismiss anything cervical is going on.
Do any of you experience these symptoms and if so, what has your diagnosis been..thanks for anyone that can offer me any help/hope. I hope you all have panfree days soon
DAILY neck pain (very deep burning pain) that seems to radiate from the deepest point of pain being my upper neck..spreadig over into shoulder down between shoulder blades /mid back
I dont have arm "numbness" OR tingling..yet sem to have weakness is my arms.
I have daily headaches mainly at the base of my neck, tis does go to my temples TMJ area (which is what they are treating me for) yet is STARTS at the base of my neck.
The place I feel this pain referring form in my neck...there is a big "hump" knot like swollen (all drs have seen this as well).
I am dizzy...and my ears have been "blocked" (eustachian tube) all this time as well)
I do have pins and needles feeling in the top of my head. at times my pain "eases" but never EVER has gone away in 2.5 yrs. I think Im labeled as a "fruitcake" in my town, for no one seems to take what I say seriously, or further any testing.
Does these symptoms sound familiar to anyone here...and am I crazy..or just seeing crazy Drs?
would and MRI show ALL there is to see???
Thanks for ANY input.. I am bound and determines to get to the bottem of all this sooner or later.

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