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I am a 40 year old female who broke her back and had neck trama 10 years ago.I recently went to a dr.(do) for shortness of breath and tight chest ,he said i needed, a adjustment,which i have never had before.Now i am just going down hill,so far they have did a mri on the c-spine which shows ddd and impression on thecal sac,enhancements inthe endplatesand a sghmorls node on the disc 5&6.They will be doing a mri on the rest of my spine the end of the month.Can the c-spine be causingf me to feel like someone is sitting on my chest,difficulting swalling,breathing ,lump in my throat(only when im standing or sitting not laying down.)When i lay down my spine gets really hot,i also have pain the upper part of my back which has been there since the adjustment.Can someone tell me please if this is the c-spine or t-spine?
Hi Cathie,
Can't tell you how many times I've been to dr in the last several years thinking I was having a heart attack or some kind of problem there. Last year I went thru the upper GI & endoscopy because of the continuous pain/pressure & feeling like I had indigestion all the time. They looked at my gallbladder, too. My upper back hurts also, and I have all of the arm/hand symptoms. Well, fast forward to now when I have found out I have herniation in the last two cervical discs ( 6 & 7) and spinal stenosis. I am having an MRI tonight & seeing a specialist tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find out. Beth

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