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I'll attempt this one.

You can have bulging discs without causing any problems.

Inside the thecal sac is where the spinal cord lies. Compression on the thecal sac usually doesn't cause the problem. When there is impingement of the spinal cord, you can have pain, numbness, loss of motion and occasionally bowel and/or bladder problems. Each level of the spinal cord can cause different symptoms.

You can also have far lateral disks that can cause nerve impingement at the nerve root.

Stenosis in any form, including mild degree, can cause the above same problems if there is nerve impingement.

Hope this helps you decifer your report. Get well soon and keep us informed as to your progress. Debbie
Pat: I am sure your doc will be sending you to a neurosurgeon after reading this report. I will not create the anxiety level of Helpful One, but he/she is right in that you do have serious problems on the discs that have entered the spinal area. When the spinal cord becomes involved, this is too serious to wait for any more treatment other than surgery. Your leg and arm symptoms are a definite testimony to that fact. I, too, had many of your symptoms (and more) and had spinal cord impingement in two levels, with major bulging in one other level and minor bulging in one other level. I had 3 level fusion (C-4-7) in Nov, 2000 and am sooooo much better. There will always be some minor limitations, but mostly - if you follow directions after surgery - you will not believe the difference it will make.
Good luck and God Bless.

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