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I do not want to make this long, but I have to shed some history to get an effective response I think.

I am 28, female, medium build, thin, and relatively fit.

I climb scaffolds a lot for my job, and lift buckets of joint compound at 65 pounds each.... I have a very physical job.

About two months into it, I noticed a pain right in the middle of my spine. It felt like someone was piercing me with a needle..... and it would throb.
I would have a tendency to try to scratch it but it didn't really itch.

I have lower back pain on occasion.

I lift weights but my diet isn't great. I have trouble building muscle especially in my left arm.

About 7 months ago I was working outside, in nice weather, painting signs. I started having the sensation that I needed to get a deep breath.
Over the next two days it got so bad I was sucking my whole neck in trying to get air.

Seven months later, I still have this air hunger after loads of tests, and medications that didn't work. They said I am wheezing.... but the asthma meds do not work.

Four years ago, I was rearended on the highway. I wasn't hurt, but I went to the doc to be sure.

The xrays in my back and neck showed....

subluxation of a disk. Hyperlordosis in my neck.
mild scoliosis. disk degeneration.

Sometimes when I try to get a deep breath, I feel my back crack in the middle. It does feel good,

Can a spinal disorder cause 24 hour air hunger?

(I also have some numbness in my forefinger and thumb
on both hands.)


Bluer than usual

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