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Neck problems c5-6
May 6, 2002
Could some please explain to me what a syrinx is?
Is it the same as a bone spur.

I had a fusion done at level c5-6 about 2 years ago. The surgery went fine. I felt really good for the first year. But now if I over do things it starts to hurt again down the shoulder, back of neck and i get the burning and numbness down the right arm. Even my lower right back hurts. They did do a MRI on 4/25. It did show that I do have a another protrusion. thank GOD. but it is saying that i have a syrinx in the lower c6 to the upper c7 level. Also I have postoperative changes with fusion and graft material at c5-6. I am going to see my nuro in two weeks. Just wanted to know now. thanks

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Dear Wishbone,
I'm not sure but I think a syrinx is some kind of fluid filled sac. You can research it on Just type in syrinx. Good luck!

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Hi Wishbone,

When you get some more information would you let us know what you find out? I had fusion in the same place and you have me curious.


Did you mean to start your own post? I'm confused by your response to wishbone.

Have you tried electrical stimulation w or w/o ultrasound? That combination helped to reduce muscle spasms that were non-stop 24/7 for over 5 years, (that chiro & massage & cold & heat & trigger injections & meds wouldn't touch). Check into Interferometry - also a method of elect. stim, but at at different frequency to interupt pain signals. Be well. Brena
Hi Cinderella,
I found out what it was. It is indeed an fluid filled sack and it is considered a cyst in the medical field. Some doctors call it a tumor. Some people devope a condition where they are in numerous places on the spine. I do not think mine is that bad, but all I know is its hurts my neck muscle and down the back shoulder muscle. My lower back even hurts. I am going to see the nuro surgeon at john hopkins in two weeks. I asked around at work and found a good referral. i need to know what is in store. I really apprieciate all the response. You all just do not know how this makes me feel to have so many people to talk to that understand my pain. Bless you all and may we all receive pain relief. Wishbone

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