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Hi Mike,

I thought there wasn't anyone out there like me but your symptoms are very close to mine. I was operating a machine which vibrated very violently (trencher) and as always, i was under a tight schedule to get my jobs done. The machine was like riding a jackhammer and I had to turn and look to my right rear of the machine to be sure I kept out of gas lines, etc. I woke up one morning about 5 years ago and my right thumb was in severe pain and my right shoulder-joint area was as if someone was stabbing a long knife to the depth of the joint. On top of this, I had a sharp pain in my neck and shoulder and radiating up to my cervical area. Later I was,(forgive me if I'm incorrect), diagnosed with cervical stenosis at,I think c3,c4/5, and c5/6. Well, the only way to go certainly is an MRI. The doctors do not recommend surgery because of the risks, (I'm not trying to frighten you), but I use an old-fashioned home traction kit given to me by HealthSouth, Inc. All it consists of is a water bag and I fill it to about 15 lbs., and the support structure hangs above almost any door and it straps around my chin and the base of my skull. It looks uncomfortable and as if I am trying to hang myself, but for those days when the pain is not decreasing, I can always use it and expect not immediate, but a less painful day or two afterwards. I don't know if this is the solution for you and I've had titanium screws and rods in the lumbar area, so I'm naturally on heavy medication anyway as well as the lower back pain. I am looking for someone who has related injuries who has operated machinery which has caused over time, similar problems I am having. I was diagnosed at age 34 and I'm now 39 and life doesn't seem too promising,but I am going to give it another try anyway. Good luck, hope this helps you and I'm sorry for sucha a long-winded reply.


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