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Glad to hear both of you are recovering well at this point. Two questions for both of you, please

1-How long from onset of symptoms until you had surgery? I'm still wondering if I blew my chance at total recovery by leaving the surgeon who was going to do the operation 2 months after onset. Now it'll be more like 5 months.

2-You both had hip grafts? Why did you not choose (or not offered) the use of cadaver bone? That is what my surgeon is planning to use. Just want to know the reasons for the difference, at least where cervical spine surgery is concerned.

Take it easy and keep us posted on your progress!
I tried to respond to the other question before but my phone rang and booted me off.

From the onset of major symptoms it's been 6 1/2 months. Prior to that I may have had minmal signs of a herniated disc, ie., stiff neck, a few seconds of tingling in the hands about two or three times. It's strange how it suddenly struck me so hard.

I'd better get going for now... but I think you still have a great chance at recovery.

Hi Felix,

I understand your nervousness because many of the negative posts had gotten to me too, and I had read the whole archived board. If you have faith in your medical providers, you'll have to put your trust in them (it's easier said than done, I know). I'd only been living in this area for 7 months so I was literally gasping for information around here about the docs and hospital and stuff.

I *am* in good spirits but I felt very supported through the whole thing, even by this board. It is great to come here and read posts that are similar to mine. What I do remember about the surgery is that when I finally realized it was over (and it took a while), I was so happy to be alive. Then, on a deeper level, I knew it was a moment that I longed for and I relished it. (Sounding corny now aren't I?) But I was so relieved... I still am. I think that's why I didn't use much pain medication because I was just on a natural high.

The first few days after surgery go slow. But I do motivational things for myself. I enjoyed the rest at first, I took books with me, a radio, and I also prayed. Whatever works for you, or whatever would give you the most comfort, that's what I would suggest. The hospital will take care of your physical needs, but you will take care of your others (spiritual and emotional).

I hope this helps, Felix. I pray that things go well for you, and for all others awaiting this event.

(((cyber hug)))


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