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Hey all,
I am having a C4-C5 ACDF 0n July 25. I am wondering what experiences people on here have had with them. Did you have a lot of pain afterwards, did you need pain meds for a while, etc. etc.....
Look forward to hearing from you all soon, thanks.


PS, If it helps any, my neuro is using the plate and a bone from a bone bank, he said two weeks hard collar, one week soft collar, then PT after a month. Sound familiar?
Hi Dawn,

I had ACDF on C5/C6 and C6/C7 with donor bone and plate. You can review my previous posts. I was in the hospital over night and I only had to wear a soft collar while in the hospital and while driving in a car. My throat was sore for about week and the pain from the surgery lasted about 10 days. I went back to work part time after 2 weeks. I have an office job and was only working 4 to 6 hrs first 2 weeks. I really took it easy for about 6 weeks. I did a lot of walking to build up my energy. Don't push yourself after surgery, you may feel well but your body is still healing.

Its been 11 weeks and I'm feeling great. I've been going to Physical therapy and it has been helping streghten my neck muscle.

I hope all goes well. If you have any more question, just ask and someone will answer you.

Hi Dawn,

I don't think you will experience much pain after surgery, especially if you're using donor bone. I used the bone from my hip and did not have a plate put in. I'm healing quite well. It's been 3 months now. I still have some strength to build up and I have one more week of physical therapy to loosen up my neck muscles. I'm not complaining.

ACDF C5&6 4/10/02


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