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Hi all. I am new to this board and have been reading all the informative posts.

I was sitting at a stop light 3 1/2 months ago when I was rear-ended at 50 mph. I was in a 2000 Ford Explorer and had my head and trunk turned to the right as I was talking to my daughter who was in the passenger seat. The other driver swerved at the last minute and caught the entire right half of my vehicle with her SUV. Damage was considerable ($14,300 so far). I believe that I was thrown into the driver's door and then back into the hard (and high) plastic counsel that sits between the seats. I am 40 years old.

Like many of you here, I cannot get my doctor's to listen to me. I live in a small community 90 miles SW of Chicago. The doctors I have seen are not only not helpful, they are downright hateful towards me. The look on their faces when they see me come in makes me want to run right out the door. I am persistant, however, and have managed to get two MRI's ordered and several Xrays and am starting another 4 weeks of physical therapy this week. I have also seen a neurosurgeon who said that I wasn't surgical and gave me a referral to a physiatrist (someone who is supposed to direct your physical therapy). You would not believe the abuse I have taken from these so called professionals.

My most recent Dr. visit was Thursday with the physiatrist. She would not listen to my complaints or reports of progress in some areas, would not look me in the eye and hurried through the appointment that I had waited 6 weeks for. This was only my second visit to her. She told me that I have Fibromylagia, a term I know some of you will be familiar with. She did not explain this, did not do the required tests needed to make this diagnosis, and stressed that it "couldn't be proved". She practically kicked me out the door after only 5 minutes (and I fought for every one of them). She did more things, but this is already getting way too long.

Please forgive me for the length of this message.

My question revolves around one of the MRI's. It is the one that prompted my GP to make the appointment with the neurosurgeon before his office even called me with the results.

It is an MRI of the cevical spine and reads, in part:

There is straigtening of the mid cervical spine from C4-C6. There is degenerative disc dehydration in these levels. There is mild posterior osteophyte formation at C6-7 that is broad based. This effaces all of the CSF signal anterior and posterior to the spinal cord. There is suggestion of a congenitally small bony canal at the C5 and C6 levels. There is also mild left-sided foraminal narrowing. The spinal cord is otherwise normal in signal and morphology. Minimal bulging is present at the C4-5 and C5-6 levels without focal disk protrusion.

In the impression part of the report, it mentions the congenitally small central bony spinal canal, osteophytic ridging, and says that there is moderately severe central spinal stenosis without significant cord flattening.

The straightening of the mid cervical spine, the left-sided neural foraminal narrowing and the use of the words "without significant cord flattening" have me really worried.

Since two days after the accident, I have been having pain in my lumbar region. It started with vague pain in both hips. It has progressed rapidly over the last 6 weeks and is to the point where I can't walk or even sit for more than 15 minutes without a burning, tearing pain radiating throughout both buttocks, down both legs, and in the pelvic region. I feel like I am on fire. This alternates with crazy muscle spasms that started in the back of my left leg 4 weeks ago and are now everywhere in my body. The spasms are not painful, just very annoying. Compressing one part of my body, like when I cross my legs, causes the burning to begin or intensify. This condition is progressing daily. I also have terrible knotting of all the leg muscles which started with the IT bands on both legs (this is the entire band that runs down the outside of your leg from the hip to the knee). Both bands knot up horribly and it is extremely painful when my physical therapist tries to message the knots out of there. My thighs feel like they have concrete in them.

I have also had significant (and very similar) problems with my neck, shoulders, arms (even underarms) and grip. I have days where I drop everything I try to pick up. These problems, while still very significant, do seem to be responding somewhat to the physical therapy. I have had significant swelling in my throat (swollen gland feeling) and this has caused my throat to swell nearly shut on one occasion when I had a secondary viral infection.

Please, if anyone has had similar findings on a cervical MRI or can offer any advice, please contact me. I am doing my best to deal with this, but the pain became unbearable a long time ago. My kids deserve my full attention and I am not able to give it to them at this time.

God Bless all of you.


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